Breast Enhancement

FAQ's on Breast implant


               Everything you wanted to know about BREAST ENHANCEMENT

What is breast enhancement 

  • It is a surgery which involves enlargement of the size of the breast which is done using implants or structural fat grafting

What is Breast implantation 

  • Increasing the size of the breast using silicone gel implants At, Nypunya we use the best Cohesive gel implants which give a very natural enhancement with absolutely minimal side effects 
  • Cohesive gel implants do not leak. We use a textured implant which causes very less tissue reaction at capsule formation. Combined with Meticulous surgical technique and advance laminar flow modular OT silicone implants are very safe

How is the procedure of breast enhancement done 

  • At first, we have a detailed consultation in which we understand what exactly is desired by the client, whether that will look proportionate and natural to her structure. 
  •  Then we suggest either breast enhancement with implantation or structural fat grafting depending upon the need 

NOTE: Before the procedure, the client is  totally educated and  is given all the required details  

 breast implant

How  many days stay  are required for Breast enhancement 

  • At, NYPUNA AESTHETIC CLINIC it is one-day procedure wherein the clients come to the clinic early morning gets the implantation and is good to go home by evening. 
  • Within a span of 14 hours, you can notice the change, there is a significant improvement in the size. We assure you go home happy with a good body image.

What are the different types of breast implants?

  •  Saline breast implant 
  •  Silicone breast implants
  • Cohesive Gel implants
  • Textured breast implants.                                                                                                              
  •  At Nypunya, we use the latest generation Cohesive gel with textured and nanotextured implants which give minimal capsule formation and are very good in the long run as well

How can structural fat grafting increase the breast?
  • It involves aspiration of fat from other areas of the body and is centrifuged and mixed with PRP and then injected to the breast to increase the size. 
  • This is  very good if the clients opt for increasing up to two cup sizes A vacuum device is also used for improving the structural fat grafting 
How is the recovery after the breast enhancement?
  • It is very simple and effective surgery when done by an experienced plastic surgeon in good OT 
  • The patient might notice a minimal amount of soreness/swelling which can be treated with oral tablets, there will be a little tightness around the chest region for about 3-5 days and will gradually go away
Can implants be altered or removed later 
  • Yes as per the client's requirement changes can be made down the lane