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Tummytuck /Lipoabdominoplasty/mommy make over

One of the most satisfying surgeries both for the client and surgeon

• Abdomen is restored to perfect shape and proportions

• Liposuction is an integral part and takes out all the excess fat

• Dermo-paniculectomy removes the entire hanging part

• Muscle repair and tightening gives a flat abdomen

• Umbilical and ventral hernia in a lady is best treated with Abdominoplasty 

• It can be combined with other surgeries like gall bladder removal, Hysterectomy etc 

• Abdominal obesity and sagging abdomen are very common after pregnancy

• It is most often does not  respond to diet and exercise 

• Muscles of abdomen stretched beyond elasticity are best treated by surgical tightening

• Excess fat is also removed to shape the abdomen in the same sitting 

• Aspirated fat is often be used to shape the breasts in the same sitting 

•  This is popular as mommy make over or tummy tuck

 Mega abdominoplasty

Large amount of abdominal fat and laxity can be a big hindrance for exercise as well as daily activity

• This results in a vicious cycle of obesity- no exercise-more obesity

• Getting the abdomen in shape and removal of excess fat gives a kick start to losing more weight 

• Waist Hip ratio which is more significant than BMI, gets addressed 

Definite increase in mobility and convenience