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Fool Proof Ear Lobe Repair

 ·  Torn, Stretched or Split earlobes causes great discomfort .

·  The delicate tissue of the earlobes is surprisingly easy to tear, stretch or split.

·  Excessive piercing, gauging, earlobe stretching, or even trauma can all cause damage that must be repaired to prevent infection or a loss of hearing.

·  Earlobe repair surgery corrects this damage, restoring the lobes back to normal again

·  Earlobe repair surgery is most often performed to sew two sides of the lobe together.

·  Minimum recovery period - You will feel back to normal almost as soon as the effects of the anesthesia subside.

Minimal invasive excision lipoma

 •  Why take a long cut and scar to remove a soft tissue swelling like lipoma?

•   It can be removed through a 3mm  port 

•  Content is aspirates and then the capsule is removed

•   Minimal scar and discomfort

•  NO increased recurrence rates

Nipple Aesthetics   

· Nipples as a whole play a very vital role in overall health of any women

· Female nipples frequently become hypertrophic or elongated due to breastfeeding , aging , overstimulation or genetic factors.

· Mild cases might affect appearance and confidence , but severe cases can cause troubles in clothing  and may become the reason for embrassment and discomfort in personal life.

· Nipple correction is such a cosmetic procedure that includes the correction of the enlarged, asymmetrical and extended inverted nipples.

· Most of the procedures can be performed under local anesthesia as an outpatient process. So there is no need to stay overnight in the hospital.

· The downtime and recovery process is not much

· The final results achieved are generally permanent without any left-over chances of risks or complications


• Nose is the center of face and contributes significantly to the appearance

• Nose should be proportionate, pleasant and  problem free

• Shape of the nose is very individual and rhinoplasty should preserve the natural look

• Rhinoplasty (commonly referrd to a “nose job”) is a plastic surgery procedure that involves reshaping the nose. It can be either a cosmetic procedure performed to improve the appearance of the nose, a medically necessary procedure to improve nasal breathing, or a combination of both

• Healing after rhinoplasty is slow and gradual with subtle swelling sometimes persisting for months. However, patients can usually expect to return to work or school within a week or two and to more strenuous activity within two to three weeks.

Dimple Creation

·  Dimples are usually considered as an attractive feature and associated with beauty.

· Natural dimples are present in everyone but most often they present only when the face is animated to an exaggerated extent, in the rest it becomes visible with a simple smile. This difference is due to a difference in the architecture around the facial muscles and the overlying skin.

·  By a minor plastic surgery under local anesthesia we can create a dimple on one or both sides of the face as a day care procedure.

· Recovery time following dimple creation is short and patients can return home shortly after the procedure. Side-effects are mild and patients can resume normal activities almost immediately.


Lesions on the face

·  A new spot on your face can bother you a lot !!

·  A skin tag can annoy you when it gets caught to your ornaments.

·  Skin lesions is a broad category referring to any abnormality in the character of your skin

·  It is a superficial growth or patch of the skin that does not resemble the area surrounding it.

·  A skin lesion can be a rash, mole, wart, cyst, blister, bump, discoloration and other changes that you may notice on your skin.

·  We perform most of our skin lesion removal procedures under local anaesthetic. This numbs the area to be treated so that removal is painless. The exact technique will depend on the size and location of your lesion.

·   Some lesions can be removed through freezing or simply ‘snipped’ off with surgical scissors.

·   Depending on the complexity of the skin lesion removal procedure, patients can frequently resume their normal routine the day of surgery. 

·  Healing frequently will take place within weeks.

Endoscopic Plastic Surgery

·  All surgery carries risks and every incision leaves a scar which may affect your self confidence. 

·  Endoscopic surgery, or endoscopy, is one of the newest plastic surgery techniques

·  With endoscopic surgery, your scars are likely to be hidden, much smaller and some of the after effects of surgery may be minimized.

·  It allows surgeons to operate with fewer conspicuous incisions, reducing obvious scars, and can result in shorter recovery times and    return to work earlier than if you had undergone open surgery.

·  Endoscopic surgery may also allow you to avoid an overnight hospital stay.

Scar Revisions

• Many people are self-conscious about scars on the face, and other parts of the body, and most of us have them

• Unwanted scars on the face might bother and decreases the self confidence.

• Scars may be the result of trauma, acne or prior surgeries

• Scar revision or Scar removal is a procedure that aims to reduce the appearance of the scars and it also aims to prevent scars from recurring like red keloid scars, raised scars and also hypertrophic scars.

• Facial scar removal or scar revision can be done at any age. 

• The initial healing phase of a surgical scar revision may include localized swelling, discoloration or discomfort and may take 1 to 2 weeks. Healing will continue for several weeks and as the new scar heals it will slowly refine and fade. 


Hymenoplasty genital rejuvenation

•  Hymen is the membrane, which encloses the vaginal area. It is actually outside. It is a part of the vulva, or the external genital organs. It is in the exterior area, slightly blocking the entrance to the vagina. It is a thin set of tissues just around the opening.

•  The goal of this surgery is the reconstruction of the hymen.

•  Hymen could have been broken after extreme exercise , accident of falling down , sports injury , physically after first intercourse , etc.

•  Hymenoplasty can be performed under local anesthesia or spinal/general anesthesia. 

•  It takes around 15-45 minutes. 

•  Hymenoplasty, hymenorrhaphy or restoration of the hymenal ring. Using different surgical techniques, we can repair and tighten the hymen to a more intact, virgin-like state.

•  Hymenoplasty can be done for more than one time and at any time and age. In most cases, the surgery is virtually undetectable after healing.