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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections  

This is a convenient office procedure used in the management of    

  - Hair Loss

  - Skin lightening and texture improvement

  - Acne scars

The process involves drawing a certain quantity of patients’ blood. This blood is then subjected to a process of CENTRIFUGATION and only that portion of the blood is harvested which is highly concentrated with PLATELETS. This is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) .PRP in aesthetic indication generally has 5 – 6 times the amount of platelets present in whole blood.

This PRP when injected into the skin (scalp/face) release various tissue regeneration and growth factors that act on the dominant cell component in the injected area.

When injected on the scalp it causes an increase in the girth of the hair, improves hair anchorage and strength resulting in the reduction in hair fall and improvements in hair density.

When injected into facial skin it acts on the collagen fibers and induces its remodelling. This results in the improvement of skin tone, texture.

Nypunya Advantage

The entire procedure is done with high-quality reagents and equipment in a completely sterile manner with strict aseptic precautions. The process is standardized regularly,quality control checking is done.