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Medical Peel.

This is an age-old procedure for skin rejuvenation which continues to be popular even today.  Involves the application of medicated preparations (solutions, gels, pastes) on the skin for certain periods of time and then removed completely.

The active ingredients (are usually natural extracts from fruits, milk, sugarcane). They include exfoliation of upper layers of the skin and certain tissue changes. This, in turn, activates the healing and skin regeneration process ultimately results in better tone, texture,color of the skin and a more youthful appearance.

At Nypunya high-quality single-agent and combination peels like Glycolic peels, Salicylic, Retinol, TCA, lactic, citric acid and peels are Iessneis solution are used.     

●  Chemical peels are very versatile and used in the management of :

          ● Pigmentation problems.

          ● Uneven skin tones.

          ● Tan removal.

          ● Dark lips & under age dark circles.

          ● Open pores, very fine lines.

          ● Acne, acne marks, and scars.

          ● Special peels for lightening larger body areas and sensitive areas like underarms.

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MicroDermabrasion and Oxypeel Hydrafacial.

Extremely quick easy lunchtime procedure with absolutely no downtime or side effects. 

Superficial skin resurfacing done by mechanically exfoliating the uppermost layer of the epidermis. Sterile Aluminium Oxide crystals used as abrasives. This is a closed-loop vacuum system changing the intensity of vacuum and varying the number of passes made on the skin determines the depth of treatment.  Most often combined with chemical peels to intensify the effectiveness of the peels.


●  Chemical peels are very versatile and used in the management of :

              ● Acne 

              ● Acne scars  

              ● Pigmentary issues.

              ● Open pores.

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A jet stream composed of oxygen and droplets of normal saline is imparted on the skin at very high velocities to cause better lymphatic damage of the face, exfoliate the dead skin cells. 
This followed by the infusion of active ingredients like Vitamin C, glutathione and hydrating agents. This makes the skin soft supple and imparts a healthy glow.

These procedures can be a great alternative to parlour based facials. They give superior results and cause no discomfort and absolutely no downtime. These procedures can be frequently repeated to maintain skin in good health .