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Laser Tattoo removal.

Get full freedom from the tattoo that you can so regret.   

Our gold standard US FDA approved Q-switched Nd YAG laser system rubs off all types of tattoos, amateur, professional, cosmetic.

The tattoo pigment selectively absorbs the laser energy, breaking down into much smaller particles which get flushed out by our body.

Sessions are comfortable as skin is numbed by prior application of topical anesthetic. Very little downtime, superior results with nil or very minimal scarring.Satisfactory results after 5-10 sessions depending on the depth of the tattoo, body part, etc.


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Laser Hair removal.

Ensures freedom from cumbersome epliatory procedures like waxing. Latest and most advanced technology for permanent hair reduction.

Triple wavelength laser ( 755nm, 810nm, 1064nm ) suitable for all skin types and thick and thin hair. CE certified German laser machine, CYMEDICS platinum plus for superior results and uncompromising patient safety.

In motion technology with a cooled sapphire tip applicator making the treatment very comfortable and virtually painless.

Suitable for all body areas, large areas like the chest, back, limbs and sensitive areas like face, neck, bikini, underarms.


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Laser Skin Toning.

USFDA approved Q – switched Nd YAG laser system.

Highly effective and safe way to tackle patchy uneven skin, dull, lusterless skin. The 532nm range used for removal of freckles, age spots, lentigines, and birthmarks like café - au – lait spots.

Large birthmarks like Nevus of Ota, Becker's nevus also can be significantly lightening. Dual toning with the Gensis mode helps to tighten skin, reduce open pores and improve skin texture.

Usually multiple sessions (6 - 8) at fortnightly intervals are required. This varies with the induration of laser use and patients' skin type.

The highly popular signature ‘CARBON PEEL’ or ‘HOLLYWOOD PEEL’ for instant glowing skin. This involves the application of a layer of good quality carbon followed by the delivery of laser energy. Carbon particles absorb the laser energy and reflect it on to the skin.This results in instant glow, hydration of the skin with absolutely no downtime. This is hugely sought after 'quick fir'. 

Laser skin toning need not be restricted to face alone but can be used to address dark knees / elbows / underarms / intimate areas. They can also make larger body areas like back / arms / legs smoother and glowing.

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Laser Scar Removal.

Optimum care is assured through advanced technology. USFDA approved platform device is used which incorporates Fractional abrative CO₂ laser and Fractional Micro-needle Radio-frequency system.

The fractional CO₂ laser delivers non-contiguous microscopic columns of heat energy into deeper layers of skin preserving the intervening skin. This will help in the repairing process and forming new collagen and collagen remodelling. The ultimate result is an improvement in appearance in scars.    

Fractional Micro-needling Radio-frequency: This combines mechanical and thermal-induced tissue changes to stimulate new collagen formation resulting in improvement of skin tightening of the tissue.    

When both the modalities are combined excellent results are obtained for various kinds of scars significantly reducing the downtime and incidence of potential side effects.   

Scars managed by this are:-   

                                                 1) All kinds of acne scars.                                                  

                                                 2) Traumatic scars

                                                 3) Surgical scars

                                                 4) Chickenpox scars