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Fat Removal

 • Fat removal of more than 10% body weight

•  It is safe and effective

•  You can lose weight without losing quality of life

•  Combined with good life style modifications would be the ideal weight loss solution to many. (this is our definition @ Nypunya- worldwide it is > 5ltrs in one sitting)

Waist - Hip  

•   A narrow waist and a proportionate hip are not only for good looks, but a lower WHR is healthier.

•  Fat around the waist is more difficult to get rid off with exercise

•  It usually gives a ‘kick start’ to your ‘getting in to shape’ resolution

•  Natural contours are preserved and enhanced

•  You can shed the unwanted excess and backup cover confidently


•   Fatty arms can be annoying

•  Planned sculpting gives proportionate arms

•  Significant amount of lose skin contracts

•  Short scar arm lift is a specialty of NYPUNYA

•  You can wear sleeve less dress with least hesitation !!! 


Take a look at our magical results...