Faculty workshops

 Faculty workshops are held regularly to update the teachers about the recent trends and changes in the field of education.

Radiation workshop was conducted for teachers by Mr. Thimmaiah and Mr. Nihar Rao from Securier Technologies Private limited on 2/07/2016. The impact of the use

of cell phones, cordless phones, wi-fi routers, Tabs and other electronic gadgets were explained.

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  1)Date: 22.06.16

   Topic: Microsoft in Education( Design, deploy and transform workshop for Educational Leaders)

   Conducted by: Pranshu Singhal( Director of digital learning Strategy in Microsoft)

   Organized by: Microsoft

   Venue: Microsoft, IBM Lane, Bangalore.

   Attended By: Computer Teacher


2) Date: 23.06.16

    Topic:Prevention and Management of mental health Problems in school children.

    Conducted by: ICTRC at Satish Dhawan auditorium, national science complex, ITSC, Bangalore. 

    Attended By: Principal and counsellor.


3) Date: 2.7.16

    Topic: Radiation Management workshop for Students, Teachers and Parents.

    Conducted By: Mr. Neehar S Rao( LIVESAFE RADIATION PROTECTION) 

    Venue: SJR Public School, HBR Layout, Bangalore.

    Attended By: Principal, all Teachers and all students.


 4) Date: 8.07.16

     Topic: Differentiated Instruction Workshop

     Venue: Mirambika School for new age, JP Nagar, 1st Phase, Bangalore.

     Conducted By: Dr. Vasanthi Thiagarajan an accredited tutor for harvard university for

     differentiated instructions.

     Organized BY: Bangalore Sahodaya.

     Attended By: Mrs Nisitha( TGT Teacher)


5)Date: 15.07.2016

    Topic: Gender Sensitivity, Child safety and Sexuality and awareness of the POSCO Act.

    Organized by: Bangalore Sahodaya

    Conducted By: Dr. Shahani

    Venue: Sri Kumarans Children's Home-CBSE

    Attended by: Principal and Mr. Mannaseh Desai(TGT Hindi Teacher)


6) Date: 15.07.16

    Topic: Experiential Learning -The Class room guide for Teachers.

    Organized By: Next Education

    Conducted by: Ms. Varsha Agarwal( Product Manager, Next Education)

    Venue: Hotel  Chairman's Resort, Sahakarnagar.

    Attended by:Principal and all Teachers.


7) Date: 15.07.16

    Topic: Story Telling workshop

   Conducted By: Bangalore Sahodaya

   venue: Delhi Public School, North

   Attended By: Librarian


8) 21st and 22nd July 2016.

    Topic: Specific Training for teachers in class X Mathematics

    Organized by: Bangalore Sahodaya

    Conducted by: Deepa Sridhar( Bangalore story telling club)

    Venue: BGS International Residential School.

    Attended by: TGT Teacher


9)  Date: 22.07.16

     Topic: 21st Century computer Science Curriculum for teachers

     Venue: Hotel Chairmans resort, Sahakarnagar.

     Organized By: Next Education

     Attended by: Computer Teacher


10) Date: 22.07.16

    Topic:Workshop for computer teachers( Computer Masti)

    Venue: Hotel Chairman's Resort

    Organized by: Next Education

    Attended by: Computer Teacher


11) Date: 29th and 30th July 2016

       Topic:CCE( Co-Scholastic)

       Organized By: Bangalore Sahodaya

       Venue: Sri Kumaran's Children's Home School, Bangalore.

       Attended by: TGT Teacher


12)Date: 22.07.16

     Topic: Meeting of Principals OF CBSE Affiliated Schools in Bangalore.

     Venue: Sri Kumaran's Children's Home School

     Organized by: Bangalore Sahodaya

     Attended By: Principal


13) Date: 5.08.16

       Topic: Different Thinking Skills

       Venue: Sri Kumaran's Children's home-CBSE

       Organized by: Bangalore Sahodaya

       Conducted by: Mr. Kuldeep and Ms. Nurpur


14) Date: 5.08.16

      Topic: Workshop for Physical Education Teachers

      Venue: Sri Kumarans Children's Home-CBSE

      Organized By: Bangalore Sahodaya

      Attended By: Physical Education Teacher


15) Date: 6.08.2016

       Topic: Workshop on Evidence of Assessment

       Venue: BBuL JAIN Vidyalaya

       Organized by: Bangalore Sahodaya

       Facilitators: Mrs. Gita and Mrs. Sreedevi

       Attended by: TGT Teacher


16) Date: 10.08.16

       Topic: How to make Mathematics more Interesting

       Venue: BBUL Jain Vidyalaya

       Organized by: Future kids publication

       Facilitator: Smt. Manjula Devi M.N Principal police Public School

       Attended by: -----------------------



17) Date: 27.08.16

      Topic: Orientation Programme on Microsoft Showcase Award and      Microsoft Innovative Educator  


      Venue: Army Public School

     Organized By: Bangalore Sahodaya

     Facilitators: Manjula, Sujath and Anupama

     Attended By: One PRT and One computer teacher.


18) Date: 27.08.16

      Topic: Online labs (OLabs) for school Environment by CBSE

      Venue: Sri Kumaran's Children's Home English School

      Organized by: Bangalore Sahodaya

      Facilitator: Mrs. Parvathi

      Attended By: TGT Maths and TGT Physics Teach