Laser Skin Rejuvenation

From times immemorial human beings have paid a lot of importance to their appearance . The skin being the largest organ of the body has often been seen as a mirror of our overall health and well being . This is particularly true of our facial skin . This is the reason for the eternal quest for a healthy lustrous skin sans any blemishes and spots and with minimal wrinkling and sagging .
Facial Skin gets exposed to the sun ,environmental pollutants, weather changes and also morphs with dietary deficiencies, stress , lack of sleep, lifestyle habits like smoking lack of exercise ,hormonal issues etc. These need to be combated on a day to day basis and yes our skin needs some maintenance in addition to sticking to a healthy diet , hydrating oneself well and following a healthy lifestyle .
From yore when queen Cleopatra applied goats milk to her finely chiselled face to enhance its beauty to our traditional grandmother recipes of turmeric and honey face Packs passed down through generations , women all over the world have yearned to maintain and improve their skin health. While a good skin care regime is essential laser skin rejuvenation offers a safe and effective way of getting a healthy and rejuvenated appearance which lasts for long duration of time. Since they are done under medical supervision they are way superior to beauty parlour procedures . they have multiple therapeutic benefits in dermatological conditions like acne marks, hyperpigmentation ,photodamage too

What is Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

This is the application of Laser energy on the skin to bring out positive changes in skin health.
Various types of lasers have been used for this purpose like the q switched Nd Yag laser, the Fractional Co2 laser, the Erbium glass laser , Intense Pulsed Light systems etc. Considering the Indian phototype and the high chances of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation the safest is the q switched Nd Yag laser . Also it offers a therapeutic improvement in various aspects of skin quality like tone,texture and hydration.At Nypunya, laser skin rejuvenation is predominantly done using the Q switch Nd Yag laser . for certain patients when our expert dermatologist deem it necessary for a more aggressive rejuvenation after a thorough evaluation then the fractional Co2 Laser is also used for laser skin rejuvenation.

How does Laser skin Rejuvenation work ?

The Q switched Nd yag has multiple modes . In the conventional wavelength of 1064 nm it is very pigment specific .The melanin or pigment Laden cells in the upper layes of the skin specifically absorb it. The pigment then shatters by the photo acoustic and photo mechanical effect and then the particles are cleared away by the bodys own lymphatics. It also bleaches the thin fine hair on the face giving a more even toned appearance . For several patients especially the younger ones just a conventional laser toning will suffice . But for a more mature and weathered skin which needs a little tightening and textural improvement then additional use of the Genesys mode gives better results.. This is called Dual laser toning . In the Genesys mode Heat energy is delivered in microsecond pulses into the deeper layers of the skin . this stimulates a tissue healing process modulating the collagen fibers which ultimately results in a fair amount of tightening of the skin , reduction in open pores and improving skin texture making it more soft and supple.

Laser Skin rejuvenation for acne , does it work? What is the Carbon Peel?

This type of Laser skin rejuvenation is effective for the post inflammatory pigmented brown spots of acne , especially pickers acne once acne has come under control with medical treatment .This is also useful for the red scars, shallow macular scars and for open pores, dual laser toning is especially useful. For oily acne prone skin ,and in people with active acne the laser skin rejuvenation that is very effective is the Carbon peel also known as the Hollywood peel . Here a photoenhancer carbon suspension is first applied . This penetrates into the upper skin layers and also into the pores and the oil glands . Then the laser energy further delivered is absorbed by the carbon deep cleansing the pores , improving the tone and texture and imparting an almost immediate sheen and glow to the skin.

Laser skin rejuvenation benefits for face:

The laser energy absorbed by the skin gets rid of the blotchy uneven skin tones , bleaches the thin fine hair on the skin , reduces open pores ,fine lines and wrinkles ,improves skin texture and makes it look more supple and refreshed. It is not only a good pigmentation treatment but also a good antiaging tool . Additionally under eye dark circles treatment and lightening can also be achieved with this. Laser skin toning can also be used for dark lips treatment.

Laser skin rejuvenation for pigmentation :

Its extremely effective for a sun tan removal . One need not worry of looking dull and drab after a great beach holiday as the laser erases the tan .Pigmentary issues like post inflammatory hyperpigmentation due to allergies, dry skin, sunburns can be very effectively tackled . Pigmented contact dermatitis due to hair colours , perfumes, certain make up products tend to fade significantly after a few laser skin toning sessions. Pigmentary demarcation lines around the eyes and mouth , pigmentation around nose and lines on the nose can also be reduced. Pigmentation treatment is effective even when it results from inflammatory skin conditions like Lichen Planus Pigmentosus but laser is attempted only after the condition is stable after medical management .

Melasma is a stubborn pigmentary condition characterized by brown patches on cheeks temples forehead. It is caused due to genetic and hormonal factors and increases with sun exposure and stress. Multi modality of management is the key . Laser skin toning in Melasma is finally resorted to . The Photoacoustic twin pulsed mode of the laser is safer in melasma treatment.It is also a good quick fix melasma treatment fading it for an initial duration of time but it tends to creep back . this a good alternative for melasma patients getting ready for an event or a function but the patient has to be counselled regarding recurrence.

Laser skin rejuvenation for legs / body:

Dark spots on the legs and arms due to ingrown hair, mosquito bites, other allergies , keratosis pilaris respond to laser skin toning. Acanthosis nigricans with darkening of neck, dark underarms, inner thighs are also reduced with laser skin toning and chemical peels , but since it is metabolic in origin improving ones lifestyle and following a good diet and exercise regime is also very important . Suntan on the arms, frictional melanosis pigmentation on the back and arms ,acne marks on the back and arms also fade with laser skin toning. Combination of medical management ,chemical peels and laser skin rejuvenation works best for body pigmentation.

Laser skin rejuvenation for freckles:

This is an extremely effective freckle removal treatment . freckles occur due to increase in the formation of melanin with in the pigment cells and is usually genetically inherited and waxes due to sun exposure . The 532 nm wavelength of the q switched ND yag laser is the treatment of choice. The freckles scab and fall off after the laser session permanently fading them . This can be maintained by consistent use of sunscreen .If over a period of time they reappear then again the laser sessions can be repeated.

Does laser skin rejuvenation hurt?

This is the least painful of the laser procedures. This is usually done without any prior application of any topical anaesthetic cream .It causes a mild stinging sensation . The sound emanating from the photoacoustic effect can be disconcerting to the individual at the outset but one gets adjusted to it . It’s a very well tolerated procedure.

Laser skin rejuvenation downtime:

The Q switched Nd yag laser skin rejuvenation is a lunch time office procedure with absolutely none to minimal downtime . There is mild redness that generally fades within a few hours . A few pimple like papular lesions can erupt that also fade within a day or two. But there is no crusting peeling flaking or scaling .Only when freckle laser treatment is done there will be crusts formed at the site of the freckles which take two to three days to be shed .
The fact that it is painless quick procedure without any downtime makes it an exceedingly popular treatment.

How many treatments of laser skin rejuvenation are needed?

Multiple sessions are needed to give satisfactory results . Sessions are conducted at an interval of three to six weeks apart . Usually four to six sessions are good for therapeutic improvement and maintenance sessions can be done as per the individuals requirement usually a few months apart or when one is getting ready for a special event . During the procedure the skin is cleansed and degreased. Opaque eyegaurd is applied prior to the laser. Post laser the skin is again cleaned and either a saline soaked gauze or a soothing hydrating masque is applied for more benefit. Sunscreen is applied in the end.

Is Laser skin rejuvenation safe?

At Nypunya all laser procedures are done under the supervision of our expert dermatologist . An US FDA approved high quality machine is used, and the individual parameters of the laser are set after a thorough examination of the patient’s skin type and indication it is being used for. Laser is initiated after priming and preparing the skin . A strict post care regime with sunscreen is initiated. All standard operating protocols are adhered to making this an extremely safe and effective treatment