Rhinoplasty for wide nose, what are the options is another question, see wide nose typically can be wide ella ie, lower part of the nose or the mid dorsum it can wide and the upper gerd of the nose  can be wide, so we have to have a proper analysis before planning the nose job for a wide nose so if the bone part of the nose is wide then what we do are called Osteotomy using precise equipment to move in the wide bones inside, so when we do this we also get a very good definition of the dorsum, if it is mid part that is wide then we do what is called upper lateral cartilage surgery like where the nose drops in most often this is combined with reducing the width of pori nose if the ella ie, the lower part of the nose is wide and if it flares up every time you laugh and makes it look very weird then we do what is called ellar reduction there is another technical component called ellar seal reduction which helps in optimally bringing down the width of the nose in the lower grid of the face and in case if it is looking big in the side profile then we do what is called Reduction Rhinoplasty which can be reduction of the dorsum that is  bridge of the nose or reduction of the side of the tip, in all this there are very important mathematical proportions which we need to adhere by so that it looks very natural and it suits you and nobody should feel that you have become a different person after a nose job, but your face should look much much better than before…that is the aim


Do you think these nose shapers, nose clips and nose lifters work? If you photoshop your photo of  nose and think that your nose will change permanently then this also might work, these things which are applied outside the nose and which claim to change the shape of the nose permanently do not work, such things we use only after the surgery as plate so that what structure we have created, what shape change we have done is supported. These things will not cause any permanent change, it can cause redness and pain and  please have realistic expectations and what shape you want can be achieved with Modern Rhinoplasty techniques.


One frequently asked question is can i fix my nose shape without surgery, there is certain changes that which can be done without surgery like if you want the bridge of the nose to come up a little that can be done with injecting filler or structural fat grafting and if we can need a little bit definition to the tip by adding some material at the tip that can be done and not every change can be done without surgery, so it is always best to have a very thorough detailed consultation and decide like what exactly you want and then go for whatever is suited best for you.


What is the recovery time of Rhinoplasty and what are the side effects?

Recovery time depends on how extensive your nose job had been, a very simple  Rhinoplasty hardly you have 2-3 days for recovery time and the swelling also subsides, and if you have done an extensive Rhinoplasty there will be bruising around the  eyes, there would be a lot of swelling and it would take nearly about 4 to 6 weeks minimum for you to see the results and the results and the swelling go on improving on a daily basis and finally you would be able to see the nose which has been achieved so it actually depends on how extensive your procedure had been, most of them have a little bit of irritation in the nose and blockade of nose for the first 2 to 3 days and if we have addressed functional aspects also like Terminator Rhinoplasty then there will be a little oozing for a couple of days and all these things would settle down by end of one week and most 95% of our Rhinoplasty patients resume their work in the second week.

Let me explain FAQ about Rhinoplasty today


What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is surgery of the nose and it’s also popularly known as Nose Job.


What are the types of Rhinoplasty?

Types of Rhinoplasty involves when we keep the final aim in mind, it can increase the length of the nose, decrease the length of the nose, if the nose is big, we can reduce the width of nose make the tip sharpen and if the nose is crooked  or bent that can be straightened and most importantly if you have any functional problem with breathing or smell that also in most of the time can be corrected , when it comes to technicality of Rhinoplasty it can be open Rhinoplasty, closed Rhinoplasty or like more and more often we are doing Endoscopic assisted Rhinoplasty, when it comes to preservation of the structures there is what is called Structural Rhinoplasty and there is what is called Preservational Rhinoplasty.


 Who is an ideal candidate for Rhinoplasty?

A person who wants to improve the shape of his nose and has practical goal points, he is an ideal candidate for Rhinoplasty and his goal points should match his face, it’s not like if somebody comes and asks i want a nose like some celebrity and that type of nose if it doesn’t suit his face then he is not an ideal candidate, so the surgeon and client both should have same target in mind and the goal point should be achievable practically, that person is an ideal candidate for Rhinoplasty.


Difference between Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty?

This is an important question, septum is the wall that separates right and left nostrils, if it is bent and if that has to be reconstructed that surgery is called Septoplasty. Many times what happens during Septoplasty is just a portion of septum is removed and most of the bent part is left when it is done by a routine surgery which hardly takes 15-20 minutes, problem with this kind of surgery is entire functional aspect is not addressed ie, like there are shelves in the nose called turbinates, many times they need to be trimmed or repositioned so that is called Turbinoplasty and when we do Septoplasty we remove the entire septum leaving a ‘L’ shaped stretch which is enough for the support this is very important because many times when done by inexperienced surgeons either the nose collapse, the shape changes or the crookedness of the shape of the nose remains same in spite of Septoplasty, so when we do a complete septum reconstruction and address the crookedness of the nose and the function then it is a complete Septorhinoplasty which is an ideal surgery to be done whenever there is even a smallest deviation in the septum.


Vulnerability to nasal fracture of Rhinoplasty?

There is no increase vulnerability to nasal fracture of Rhinoplasty, only when we have done Osteotomes ie, moving the bony width of the nose to narrow the position, to reduce the width of the nose then in the immediate first three weeks of the Rhinoplasty if there is a hurt there is an increase chance of nose getting refractured, so we give a splint and ask you to be very careful during the first month of Rhinoplasty, after the healing period is over vulnerability to fractures is same as any unoperated nose.


Recovery from  Nose Job, what is the expected healing time?

Usually happens in different stages, first week there will be lot of swelling and there can be bruising at the eye which gradually goes off in the second week and the swelling reduces in the upper part of the nose very drastically at the end of first week and gradually in the lower half and many times swelling of the tip takes a  few months to come to a final shape.


What is the expected healing time?

Healing time is a week for most of the soft tissue work that we do ie,after the end of the first week like you can go back to work  without a day’s splint, you can wear only night splint if the nasal bone work is not much and if you are working from home or if you can take calls most of the people do from third or fourth day very comfortably. First couple of days the nose will be blocked and it will be stuffy which needs repeated washes and dowshing and postop period even though may look little difficult for others actually who go through do not suffer so much, very rarely people do get headaches in this period and which is relieved with just a pain killer.


What results can i expect and what is the time frame of the result?

If we keep practical goal points any change can be achieved and we have access to morphing softwares, which we can predict like what would be the shape and whether you like or not even before hand,so it’s like a trial surgery before doing actual Rhinoplasty and when we discuss and decide on what all changes are practically possible, whatever we decide we will be able to achieve at least 90% of it and the results are not seen immediately, it takes time for Rhinoplasty results to show.


How to select a Rhinoplasty surgeon, things that i should keep in mind?

Rhinoplasty is rated as one of the most difficult surgeries technically because it involves very microprecision dissections and altering of structures which needs lot of time, so lot of plastic surgeons who are trained in microsurgery become Rhinoplasty surgeons because throughout their decades of practice of microsurgery and reconstructive plastic surgery they would have mastered the art of handling tissue’s very precisely and to the submillimeter level and so plastic surgeons with a focus on Rhinoplasty would be the best possibly trained people to do Rhinoplasty and many times there will be teams of plastic surgeons who take help of ENT surgeons to address some of the functions so you first list your needs and then discuss it with the Plastic surgeon and then you can go ahead with your Rhinoplasty with least risks and best possible outcome.