What is Brazillian Butt Lift?

BBL is a very popular cosmetic surgery in which Buttock size is enhanced by doing Fat grafting and waist is slimmed down by liposculpting


How is this procedure performed?

  • We regularly perform BBL at Nypunya Aesthetic Clinic as a day care surgery.
  • You typically get admitted at around 830 AM on empty stomach.
  • We discuss the procedure with your formalities are done
  • A thorough scrub bath is given
  • General anesthesia is given by our expert team
  • Positioning is done carefully
  • Tumescent Liposculpting of the lower back done
  • Fat harvested by atraumatic liposuction
  • Fat is processed by centrifugation
  • Filtration done when necessary
  • Fat grafting done artistically


How much volume can be added to buttocks in one session?

  1. Structural fat grafting needs to be done only in the superficial layers
  2. Injecting below and inside the muscle is not safe
  3. Fat has to be deposited in small aliquots so that they are surrounded by native tissue which can nourish it and fat is available
  4. It is important to place the right amount than to over deposit
  5. Less is more when it comes fat grafting for butt enhancement
  6. Amount of fat that can be deposited increases after the first session significantly


What are the types of Rhinoplasty?

Types of Rhinoplasty involves when we keep the final aim in mind, it can increase the length of the nose, decrease the length of the nose, if the nose is big, we can reduce the width of nose make the tip sharpen and if the nose is crooked  or bent that can be straightened and most importantly if you have any functional problem with breathing or smell that also in most of the time can be corrected , when it comes to technicality of Rhinoplasty it can be open Rhinoplasty, closed Rhinoplasty or like more and more often we are doing Endoscopic assisted Rhinoplasty, when it comes to preservation of the structures there is what is called Structural Rhinoplasty and there is what is called Preservational Rhinoplasty.


What size of the butt is ideal?

It depends on the body type, it is important to understand the bony frame work and shoulder width and then plan to enhance the butt volume. It is important to enhance the trochanteric region also so that it looks good in all dimensions.


What are the complications of BBL?

    • Resorption of fat
    • Irregularity
    • Asymmetry
    • Fat embolism

All these can be and are avoided by doing BBl at a world class operating facility, with decades of experience in fat grafting. It is a very safe and satisfying surgery for both the client and the surgeon

What is the cost of BBL?

Nypunya Aesthetic Clinic offers the best value for money pricing for BBL
Surgery is done at a world class facility with Stay is in a deluxe room!
At most care and privacy is offered, As always, we offer you “ONLT THE BEST”