Breast augmentation by fat transfer

Fat transfer for breast augmentation is becoming very popular. We at Nypunya aesthetic clinic do structural fat grafting to enhance the size of breasts. Best results are obtained in our centre with this technique as we have the following unique advantages. Fat transfer to breast-augumentation is done in a world class operation theater. Dr. Prashantha Kesari is a very experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon, who is a pioneer in the field of fat grafting. He has perfected the art of fat grafting by visiting world leaders in this field. Our team closely collaborates with tissue engineers and scientists doing research in-stem cells that are present in fat. Dr Kesari is a thought leader in this surgery and trains younger surgeons in fat transfer techniques.

What is Breast augmentation fat transfer?

Dr.Prashanth a Kesari harvests fat from the following areas : inner thighs, abdomen and other areas which have good quantity of mesenchymal stem cells. In a study conducted at our Nypunya Aesthetic clinic we found that the most fertile area to harvest fat is from Innerthigh and lower abdomen.

Fat transfer to breasts needs meticulous planning. Dr. Kesari analysis the breast aesthetics and explains you the possibilities and sets practical expectations and goat points.

Carefully harvested fat is placed in multiple layers and creating a three dimensional enhancement. Dr. Prashant ta Kesari makes sure #at each droplet of fat placed gets blood supply and survives and gives an everlasting esthetic enhancement. Structural fat transfer when skillfully done can enhance the breast size by two cup sizes. Further increase needs subsequent procedures. Fat transfer of large volumes in one sitting does not give good results. The results thus obtained are only temporary.

Nypunya Aesthetic clinic specialises in Fat transfer for breast augmentation and offers the most value added, an compromised breast augmentation services.

Dr. Kesari uses Tumescent Liposuction to harvest fat for breast enhancement Even though we have all modern liposuction equipment, we harvest fat for breast argumentation by syringe liposuction. Dr. Kesari believes if the suction pressure is high fat cells will rupture and success of structural fat grafting decreases. so with skill and patience he harvests fat and we centrifuge it manually at 300 to 500 RPM. Then the purified fat is separated from oil and tumescent fluid. Fat thus harvested has cells which are intact and are the best to be transferred to breasts.

Advantages of Fat transfer for breast augmentation are :

  1. Uses your own fat
  2. No Incision breast augmentation
  3. Natural appearance
  4. permanent


Disadvantages :

  1. Amount of fat that takes up is still not fully predictable
  2. Fat Transfers-Less is more, so we can practically increase one or two capsizes at a time.
  3. Need of touch up procedures.

If we weigh the risk and benefits of structural Fat Grafting for breast enhancement, This is the procedure of choice when the client has moderate expectations and the surgeon practical goal points.

Breast augmentation surgery

Breast Augmentation surgery is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries at Ny puny a Aesthetic clinic. We custom make The breast enhancement procedure for your need. If Enhancement that is aspired is moderate and you want to do it from your own tissue- Then we do structural Fat grafting. If the requirement is more then we use best of the cohesive silicone gel implants. Many times we combine both of the above techniques to give a more pleasing appearance. If there is an associated sagging of breasts-then Mastopexy with Augmentation is the right surgery for you.

Before you opt for Breast Augmentation surgery follow this simple check list :

  1. Be clear about how much breast enhancement you desire. Discuss this with our experienced cosmetic surgeon. Do not hesitate to question the options you have, the pros and cons of each method. Dr. Prashant a Kesari makes sure that you are educated about all the options you have and suggests what suits you the best
  2. When you decide on minimal to moderate enhancement, we go ahead with Noninvasive Breast Argumentation surgery. Fat transfer for enhancement is giving very good results consistently.
  3. When you desire larger enhancements then we use Nano textured cohesive gel implants. Like everything, you have a range of implants to chose from. Dr. Kesari informs you in detail about them and you can make the right informed choice.
  4. Once the surgery is decided it is performed in a world class operation theatre, using the most advanced equipment. All this happens in Nypunya Aesthetic clinic, which has facilities better than corporate hospitals and privacy of a private resort.

Breast augmentation recovery :

Most of our patients recover from their breast enhancement surgery on day one itself. More than a decade of experience in breast augmentation has helped us to create a very comfortable recovery for you.
Phase 1: This lasts for a few days to a week. Most of our clients are happy that they have done something for themselves. There will be minimal soreness in the breasts and a feeling of tightness-you are back to your daily routine on the same evening or maximum next day.
Phase 2: Now the soreness and swelling starts reducing and your mind get adjusted to the positive change. you start feeling increased confidence and self esteem. This phase we give you support garment and you can start thinking of changing your wardrobe.
Phase 3: complete swelling would have resolved and you can enjoy the change and after this follow ups are just friendly visits Han medical necessity.

Dr. Prashantha Kesari is the best plastic surgeon in the whole world. He is committed to delivering the best possible results to his patients. He constantly strives to improve and refine his techniques tailoring it to the needs of the individual patient. A true combination of compassion, knowledge competence and skill . Hence I got my breast enhancement done by him.

Breast augmentation costs –

It is important to understand the “Break up” of the cost. “value” of a procedure is much mo re important than the “cost”. Breast Enhancement by Fat transfer cost includes:

  1. Cost of Day care surgery
  2. Cost of Operation theatre & Equipment
  3. Cost of Anaesthesia services
  4. Professional charges of the Doctors
  5. Cost of Medicines and consumables
  6. His cell an eons. + TAXES

Nypunya Aesthetic clinic designs Fat transfer procedure to bring you the Best value at affordable cost.

Cost of Breast Implant surgery break up would be like the following:

1. Cost of Day care surgery
2. Cost of Operation theatre & Equipment
3. Cost of Anaesthesia services
4. Professional charges of the Doctors
5. Cost of Medicines and consumables
6. His cell an eons. + TAXES plus
7. Cost of Breast Implants.

Analyzing Each of the above components will help you make the right decision

1. Cost of Day care Facility.
a. part of a large hospital (No privacy)
b. Day care facility shared by Other specialties (Not a dedicated facility,so cross infection etc)

c. cost of operation theatre and Equipment.

– Operation theatres which are just more than a glorified kitchen in a commercial building. c It is very difficult to fit in a standard operation theatre (as it needs specific civil structured requirements)

d. Operation theatres in a large hospital (Theatres run on a tight schedule and are always shared between surgical specialties good facility but No privacy)

e. State of the Art custom built operation theatre and dedicated for plastic surgery. concept is having a world class cosmetic surgery studio which is at your service only. civil structure is designed with extra height to accommodate Laminar flow ventilation. Room with no windows and absolute water proof. walls clad with prefabricated panels Floor zero leveled and tiled and has vinyl layer which is seamless.
Ergonomically designed Operation table, Endoscopic equipment, operation LED lights all of this carefully crafted brick by brick just to give you only the Best.

Breast augmentation means :

Breast Augumentation means Increasing the size of breasts. It is also called Breast enhancement. Boob jots is the slang word. size of breasts are determined by the amount of gland and fat that is present. The volume and shape of breast vary under influence of female hormones.
Breast enhancement/argumentation is one of the most common, plastic surgeries performed worldwide. It is a very satisfying procedure both for the patient and the surgeon. I At Nypunya Aesthetic clinic, Dr Prashanth a Kesari performs breast augumentation using modern techniques, which suit you the best.
Breast angumentation by fat transfer is done as a value added package of around 1KUSD.


Breast augmentation with fat transfer cost :

breast augmentation surgery cost at Nypunya aesthetic clinic is total value for money. You get the best of every thing at the most reasonable price.

Breast augmentation options :

Breast Augmentation options available at Nypunya are

1. structural Fat Transfer

2. Enhancement by silicone cohesive gel Implant


Breast augmentation options

At Nypunya all laser procedures are done under the supervision of our expert dermatologist . An US FDA approved high quality machine is used, and the individual parameters of the laser are set after a thorough examination of the patient’s skin type and indication it is being used for. Laser is initiated after priming and preparing the skin . A strict post care regime with sunscreen is initiated. All standard operating protocols are adhered to making this an extremely safe and effective treatment