How do i know if i am a right candidate for plastic surgery?

If you think that any change in the shape of any part of the body would enhance appearance and body image and confidence you are a right candidate for cosmetic plastic surgery, even though,  It has to be decided after consulting with qualified plastic surgeon. You should do cosmetic plastic surgery  for yourself , not by external influence. 

How do i recognize a qualified plastic surgeon?

Qualified plastic surgeons will have MCh-Super Specialty degree in plastic surgery they further specialize in cosmetic surgery by doing fellowships. 

Is cosmetic surgery safe ?

Yes, the cosmetic surgery is safe  when it is done by a qualified plastic surgeon in fully equipped facility. 

Any checklist for  surgery  ?

1. Clear practical surgical goals .

2. Experienced & qualified cosmetic plastic surgeon.

3. Detailed consultation.

4. Surgical facility with a) Dedicated Operation Theater b) Experienced surgical & anesthesia team c) Emergency Backup.

5. Fully informed decision skillful execution with adequate safety measures. 

How should I get ready for my surgery?

Be well infomed about the surgery , Do not have consume alcohal . Do not eat anything by mouth 6hours before surgery, get good sleep keep well rested.

How long do I stay in hospital after surgery?

You can go home safe if the surgery lasts for less than 2hrs. And you need to rest for  over night if the surgery is more than 3hrs.

Are financing options available?

Yes, Financing options are available with zero % EMI.

Is Insurance covered ?

No, Insurance is not covered for cosmetic surgery anywhere in the world.

What determines the cost of plastic surgery ?

Usually cost is determined by 1. duration of surgery 2.  How highly socialized and experienced surgeons is 3. Operation theater , Equipment, and other facilities.  

Is there any age limit for cosmetic plastic surgery ?

Yes, 18 years and above.

Is it safe to breastfeed after having breast Implant or augmentation?

Yes it is safe. Many of our clients have breast fed their children after implantation and augmentaton .