The process of the facial done under the  supervision of our expert dermatologist. Medifacial gives a relaxed and refreshed appearance to the skin and has skin tightening and anti aging effects too.

The Nypunya signature medifacial incorporates :

  1. Radiofrequency skin tightening to improve lymphatic drainage
  2. Gentle exfoliation using crystal microdermabrasion
  3. Deep cleansing using oxyjet and anti oxidant  serum infusion
  4. Vitamin C peel application to impart a glow 
  5. Hydrating masque application to make the skin soft and supple.

This entire pampering ritual eases off  the stress and additionally gives multiple therapeutic benefits.The individual parameters of each and every step in the  is tailored by Dr Shubha Kesari after a complete assessment of the patient’s skin type.

Best dermatologist in bangalore
Best dermatologist in bangalore


It is the technique of semi permanent makeup giving the appearance of fuller eyebrows by skillfully inking the tattoo pigment in strokes, aligned in the direction of the eyebrow hair.

Microblading is done using a pen like instrument with a detachable nib . The nib is actually a single use sterile blade that is made up of a linear array of needles.The blade is dipped into medical grade tattoo pigment which gets drawn in by the capillary action. Then ,gentle strokes are made on the skin in between the existing eyebrow hair and in the same direction of the hair.As the blade gently and firmly scratches the skin surface in feather like strokes, the tattoo pigment gets deposited into the upper layers of the skin . This creates fine and realistic and natural hair strokes.

The entire procedure is done under topical anaesthesia . The markings for the eyebrows are done taking into account the shape and symmetry of the face. A top up session is needed four to eight weeks later and results last for a year or so after which the tattoo pigment begins to fade as it is deposited in the upper skin layers.

Microdermabrasion and Oxypeel

Extremely quick easy lunch time procedure with absolutely no down time or side effects,

Superficial Skin resurfacing done by mechanically exfoliating the upper most layers of the epidermis.Sterile Aluminum Oxide crystals used as abrasives. This is a closed loop vacuum system changing the intensity of vacuum and varying the number of passes made on the skin determines the depth of treatment. It is most often combined with chemical peels to intensify the effectiveness of the peels. It is used for treatment of acne, acne scars,, pigmentary issues, open pores and as anti-aging.


In oxypeel facials a high pressure jet of air mixed with sterile normal saline is delivered onto the using a microjet handpiece biologically exfoliating and deeply cleansing the skin.The infusion of air and saline also hydrates the skin . This is especially good for sensitive skin types as there are no abrasives or chemical ingredients coming in contact with the skin. This can also be followed by infusion of antioxidant and collagen stimulating cocktail preparations.

Best dermatologist in bangalore
Nypunya Aesthetic Clinic

Removal of Moles / Warts

Warts are viral infections caused by HPV virus and it is better to get rid of them as the are contagious and spreads to other areas and also from one person to another .

At Nypunya ablative Co2 laser, Electrocautery or Radiofrequency ablation are used for wart removal.

Moles and skin tags may seem aesthetically unacceptable to some. Fortunately they can be effectively removed with very minimal chances of recurrence and scarring .Ablative CO2 laser and Radio frequency hyfercator are used. For moles larger than 4mm surgical excision by our expert plastic surgeon gives wonderful results. Skin tags in any part of the body too are amenable to removal by these means.

Under Eye Rejuvenation

The  under eye hyperpigmentation , hollowing, wrinkles  and bags in the under eye area imparts a tired and stressed or sick appearance even to a healthy individual . Dark circles are due to genetic factors , allergies , extreme dry skin,inappropriate diet and lifestyle practices, stress etc .

Fortunately there are solutions to each and every factor contributing to under eye dark circles at NYPUNYA.

For the hyperpigmentation special under eye peels and laser skin toning can be done. Botox injections , microneedling ,Prp injections can help in under eye wrinkling and tighten mild eye bags.

Dermal fillers can correct under eye hollows and prominent tear troughs. After a thorough evaluation the treatment is tailored to the patient’s indication and skin type .

Best dermatologist in Bangalore

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