Laser Skin Toning

Laser facials are a highly effective and hence hugely popular method  of facial rejuvenation. This primarily targets the pigmentatry issues like sun tan, post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation due to pimples or allergies,dry uneven toned, age spots and sun-damaged skin.

At Nypunya we use the US FDA approved Q switched Nd YAG laser system. (Pastelle, Wontech, South Korea) 

The 532nm range used for removal of freckles, age spots, lentigines, birthmarks like cafe au lait spots.

Large birthmarks like Nevus of Ota, Beckers Nevus also can be significantly lightened.

Laser toning in the conventional mode is a highly effective and safe way to tackle patchy uneven skin, dull, lusterless skin.

Dual toning with the Genesis mode helps to tighten skin texture and reduce appearance of open pores.

Usually multiple sessions (6 – 8) at fortnightly intervals are required. This varies with the induation of laser use and patients’ skin type.

The hugely popular signature ‘CARBON PEEL’ or Hollywood Peel for instant glowing skin.

This involves application of a layer of good quality carbon  as a photo enhancer followed by delivery  of laser energy. This results in instant glow, hydration of the skin with absolutely no down time.

This is a highly sought after ‘Quick Fix’

Laser skin toning need not  be restricted to face alone but can be used to address dark knees/ elbows/ underarms/ intimate areas and other body areas.

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