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Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch Marks are caused due to the disruption of collagen and elastic fibres as the skin stretches. This is a very stubborn condition to treat and often requires combination of  multiple modalities.

 At Nypunya microneedling Radio frequency . Fractional Co2 Laser resurfacing alone or in combination are most often used and gives good results especially in pubertal stretch marks on the arms, legs and round knees. 

Microneedling and Platelet rich plasma infusion also helps in tissue modulation. 

TCA peels also help lightening the stretch marks especially the hyperpigmented ones

The Q switched Nd yag laser is also used especially in red erythematous stretch marks.

For extensive post pregnancy stretch marks the tummy tuck surgery done by our plastic surgeon not only helps give a flat ironed out abdomen but also completely get rid of the stretch marks in the lower abdomen