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Chemical Peels

This is an age old procedure for skin rejuvenation which continues to be popular even today. It involves application of medicated preparations (solutions, gels, pastes) on the skin for a certain period of time and then removed completely.

The active ingredients  which are usually natural extracts from fruits, milk, sugarcane etc, they ensure exfoliation of the upper layers of the skin and initiate  certain tissue changes. This in turn activates the healing and skin regeneration process, ultimately resulting in better tone, texture, colour of the skin and a more youthful appearance.

At “Nypunya ” high quality single agent and combination peels like Glycolic peels, Saliycylic, Retinol, TCA, lactic, Citric acid peels  are used.

Chemical peels are very versatile and used in the management of 

→ Pigmentation problems

→ Uneven skin tone

→ Tan removal

→ Dark lips and under eye dark circles.

→ Open pores, very fine lines

→ Acne, acne marks and scars.

→ Special peels for lightening larger body areas and sensitive areas like under arms