Nypunya Aesthetic Clinic

Laser Scar Revision

At Nypunya optimum care is assured through advanced technology.US FDA approved platform device (FRAXIS DU0) is used. This incorporates Fractional Ablative CO2 laser and Fractional Microneedle Radiofrequency system.

The fractional CO2 laser delivers non contagious microscopic columns of  heat energy into the deeper layers of the skin preserving the intervening skin. This will help in the repairing process and  forming new collagen and collagen remodelling.The ultimate result is improvement in appearance of the scars.

Fractional Microneedling RAdiofrequency -: This combines mechanical and thermal induced tissue changes to stimulate new collagen  formation resulting in improvement of the scar and tightening of the tissue.

When both the modalities are combined, excellent results are obtained for various kinds  of scars, significantly reducing the down time and evidence of potential side effects.

Scars managed by this laser are –

  • All kinds of acne scars (ie,atrophic, rolling, box ear etc)
  • Traumatic scars.
  • Chicken pox scars.