Breast Enhancement is a surgery which involves enlargement of the size of the Breast. this can be done using implants or structural fat grafting.

What is Breast implantation?

Breast implantation is increasing the size of the breast using silicon gel implants. At Nypunya we use The best cohesive gel implants which give a very natural enhancement & has very very few side effects. Cohesive gel implants do not leak, we use textured implants which cause very less tissue reaction & capsule formation combined with meticulous surgical technique & the advanced laminar flow modular OT. Silicon implants are very safe.

How is the Procedure of breast Enhancement Done?

First we have  detailed consultation in which we understand what exactly is desire by the clients & whether that will look proportionate & natural to her structure & then we suggest either Breast Enhancement with implantation or structure fat grafting depending upon the need Before the procedure the client is totally educated & given all the details & Then we proceed. 

How many days stay is needed for Breast Enhancement?

It is don as a daycare surgery at Nypunya where the client comes in the morning does the implantation & is good to go home by the evening within a span of 14hours there is enhancement of the breast & significant increase in the confidence & body image of the client. 

What are the different type of Breast Enhancement?

Breast Enhancement can be saline filled Or cohesive gel implants, latest generation is of cohesive gel implants & we use textured & narrow textured implants which cause very very minimal capsule formation & in the long run are very good.

How can Structural fat grafting increase size of the breast?

Structural fat grafting involves aspiration of fat  from other areas of the  body & we centre fuse and mix it with platelet rich plasma ( PRP) & then inject to the breast to increase the size of the breast. When the desired increase is just take up or to size increase structural fat grafting works very well. We also use a vacuum device which improves the results of the structural fat grafting.

How is the recovery after Breast Enhancement?

Breast Enhancement surgery is a very simple effective straight forward surgery & once the clients recover from the implantation there is very minimal soreness or pain which is very well treated with oral tablets & there will be tightness on the chest region for about 3-5days & usually the approach i.e., from under the breast region approach what we do heals within 5-6days client can take shower after 24hours & after 5-7days the pain is almost near & swelling also start subsiding & the tightness & little hardness that will be there will gradually settle over a period of couple of weeks. 

What are the side effects of breast implantation?

Breast Enhancement is a very safe procedure when done by a Experienced plastic surgeon in a very good  OT using best of the implants & structural fat grafting is also very safe. Apart from minimal side effects like pain, soreness, swelling there is nothing major side effects that can occur with breast  implants. Chances of infection, implant rejection are very rare as we do it in modular laminar flow OT & we use the best of the available imported implants. So chances of infection is very less at Nypunya or almost NIL. Capsule formation also is very thin when textured implants are used & there is no relation between breast cancer & breast implant because breast implants are placed well behind the breast tissue & not in the breast tissue & that doesn’t cause breast cancer.

Who is a best candidate for breast enhancement?

 If a person is low on confidence or has a poor body image because of small breast size then they benefit greatly by this surgical procedure of breast implantation & so many people do it as a stop gap for 5years or 10years  & when they feel that they want to remove their implant they can also remove the implant if they want bigger implants we can place bigger implants & structural fat grafting also can be repeated if there is a need for further enhancement of the breast & breast implantation & fat grafting gives excellent result & tremendous boost in the confidence of the patient & Procedure is definitely worthy of being done by Experienced plastic surgeon in a modular laminar flow OT using best of the implants.