Q: How long will the pain last after Breast Implant?

A: Actually breast implant we do as a day care surgery., meaning you do the surgery and go home by evening. Pain will not be much, it’s more of  tightness because there is a lot of volume added to the breast area. So some people will have little heaviness while breathing otherwise pain is pretty tolerable and lasts for about 2-3 days and most of them resume to work from the next day.

Q: What is my expected recovery time?

A:  Recovery time in the sense you will be made to walk in the same evening, you will resume your daily routine  the next day itself. You can get back to work after a week, if you’re working from home only 2days of rest is usually enough.

Q: Will i need help at home for normal activities after the surgery and if so how long?

A: Normal activities in the household like cooking and other activities will not need any assistance but if you have to take care of kids or any strenuous activities for a week of time. After  a week the discomfort is almost gone.

Q: How long do you expect my operation to take?

A: Breast Augmentation With an implant will take about 2 hours of time which will includes very comfortable induction and anesthesia and we do an endoscopic dissection and then place an implant in either plane called subfascial plane or in the biplaner and many time we combine this with fat grafting to give better results.

Q: What if any secondary procedure associated with Breast augmentation will be required? 

A: Sometimes say less than 5% of times we may do a second procedure to do a touch up or to enhance to whatever you have already got done, in such situations you will be told in very advance., like incase tuberous breast where we do in stage augmentation or enhancement, so you will be told in advance itself.

Q: How likely is it that I will get an infection after the surgery? 

A: Infections rate in Nypunya have been NIL. As we do all these procedures in a modular operation theatre with a laminar air flow and we follow stringent safety measures and infection rates are almost  NIL.

Q: How much risk is there from Anesthesia?

A: Anesthesia nowadays is very safe. There is a very large misconception that anesthesia is dangerous. Most people think anesthesia is more dangerous than surgery itself, so it’s not true. It is safer than crossing the roads of Bangalore. At Nypunya for safety we have the best of the equipment, we get the services of the best anesthesiologist for your surgery. So it’s utmost safe.

Q: What can i do to minimize  risk of short term and long term complications?

A:  Any procedure will have some side effects and complications., so  to minimize  risk of short term and long term complications the best thing you can do is to educate yourself with consultation. Whatever the doubts you have please consult a qualified plastic surgeon and clarify all your doubts so that you are well prepared and by chance the complications are minimal, even if it happens it can be handled very well if you are educated about that.

Q: Where will be my scar?

A: We normally do breast implants through sub memory that is under the breast insertion and some time we do it through the armpit. So if we do it through the infra memory area it will be a 4cm scar in the crease that is there under  your breast, And if we do through the armpit then there will be a 4-5cm scar at the junction of hair bearing and non hair bearing areas of armpit i.e., Axilla.

Q: How will breast implants feel? Will there be alteration in my breast skin or nipple sensation?

A: Usually the sensation of nipple area is not altered but there may be little disturbance during the initial few weeks which will get normal after 6-8weeks and some people feel that skin appears to be very much stretched and it has become thinner but that happens when the breast gland tissue and fat content under the breast is very minimal but it’s not a usual occurrence, so you don’t have worry about the skin chances it gets tighten if at all., secondly sensation and alteration is not there even if its there its temporary. 

Q: Can i still get breast implants for breast augmentation if i have a strong history of Breast Cancer? 

A:  Yes You can Get it done, Infact for many breast cancer patients  we do reconstruction using implants.So why i want to tell this is breast implants do not increase the risk of breast cancer percentage.There is a slight increase in the occurrence of ALCL which also is now statistically proved to be wrong. So in case you have breast cancer family history you can still go ahead with breast implants. 

Q: What are the risks and complications associated with breast implants?

A: Lot of data has come up about safety. There is a concerned raised few years back about a condition called ALCL which is a type of lymphoma which was found to have increased incidents in people with silicone implants but this in further studies was clarified that  it was not a significant increase in the risk and use of verified texture implants  or very fine smooth implants reduces the risk to very very less.

Q: How many additional operations on my breast implants can I expect to have over my lifetime? 

A: Usually the Breast implants we use at Nypunya are very high quality and they come with a lifetime warranty. The warranty is given with the confidence that the implants should last for a lifetime. So unless you want a bigger size implant or change the implant there is no need to do any surgery. Even though there will be a touch up procedure or elevation if there is what is called capsular contracture it does not occur with the modern technique used. In case that happens then capsulotomy is done with endoscopic assistant surgery.

Q: How Easy or difficult is it to increase the size of the Breast?

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Q: What kind of additional follow up or maintenance that is required?

A: There is nothing like additional maintenance, but follow up is required in the initial period and afterwards if the age is more than 30years we ask you to do sonomammography which is needed if the implant is not done. So it’s a routine health check which we need to do once in 2years sonomammography just to rule out any changes in breast gland.

Q: What will be the shape of my breast after pregnancy and breastfeeding?

A:  This is quite difficult to answer. Each person responds differently so we need to address as it comes. Actually Breastfeeding Helps in regaining and retaining the shape of the breast contrary to the belief that breastfeeding will spoil the shape of the breast.

Q: Will the breast implant affect my ability to breastfeed a baby?

A:  Many people have undergone breast implant and then they have gone to have successful pregnancy and breastfeeding and there is absolutely no issues, because breast implant is placed behind a layer called pectoral fascia which is much behind the breast gland. So it doesn’t affect the milk secretion capability of breast tissue.

Q: What are my options if i’m dissatisfied?  

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