Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body, called the ‘donor site’, to a bald or balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient site’. The technique is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness. In this minimally invasive procedure, grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding (like the back of the head) are transplanted to the bald scalp.

Anyone with a balding scalp and also a good donor area can undergo hair transplant surgery

Donor area is the area from which hair follicle grafts are extracted. This includes the back of the scalp.

Additional factors like hair color and texture also influence the hair transplant results.

Hair transplant surgery can improve your overall appearance and boost your confidence and self-esteem. And at Nypunya we provide only the best for you

Hair transplant is a teamwork !  Take a sneak peek at these two videos :

Treatment For Receding Hairline

Multiple Hair Transplant Treatments are available. Doctors advised a suitable treatment as per the hair loss condition and the treatment required for a particular hair loss issue.

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction is a robotic assisted bio FUE hair transplant procedure. It is portrayed by tissue-enriched grafts and it is a method in which minimal invasive hair repair procedure is done. It is a type of hair transplant surgery where a patient is being given local anaesthesia and a large number of hair follicles are picked from a huge donor area that is where there are a higher number of hair follicles to increase the graft counts. After this, the cosmetic plastic surgeon and the team cut the hair follicle and these follicles are transplanted to the affected region. This procedure is done in many sessions. The usual session time is between 40 minutes and 1 hour.

2. Robotic Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is the most recent, latest, and also an innovative hair transplant procedure which is usually said to be a higher version of Robotic assisted bio FUE hair transplant. In this hair transplant procedure, the hair is being kept away from our body and it is called the golden period for hair transplantation. The procedure extraction and transplantation are carried out after this period. A “feather touch” method of graft implantation is done in this hair transplantation treatment. Surprisingly, this method ensures no single hair follicle is damaged during the procedure. Perfect -Hair Transplant is best known for super-fast results and fewer scars and lesser hair shedding.

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3. Over the counter medicines

Doctors may prescribe over-the-counter medications for the receding hairline issues if the problem is at an early stage and can help the hair restoration just by in taking a few medicines

4. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy does not involve any surgical procedure. This procedure is said to highly safe, effective and non-surgical treatment for hair loss or baldness. PRP treatment is an advanced hair loss treatment. In this procedure, the blood of the patient is extracted and further is divided into 3 types of blood types that are platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma and red platelets. The platelet-rich blood plasma is injected into the scalp region of the affected hair area to enhance hair regrowth. PRP Treatment helps in stimulating the hair follicles to grow back by using the person’s platelet-rich blood. In layman’s language, this is said to be good food for the hair to grow back again

Key Takeaways

Are you the one dealing with a receding hairline, hair loss or balding? Then, surely you must consider consulting a doctor. In the current digital world, hair restoration is commonly performed with higher success results. Meeting the specialists can be felt at ease while dealing with hair loss problems. As the expert can help you with numerous hair loss treatment solutions which can help you feel more confident in yourself.

Cosmetic plastic surgeons and teams ensure the right treatment is given to the patient. These cosmetic plastic surgeons have the latest technology in place.

Eyebrow, Beard and moustache hair transplant is also performed at NYPUNYA 

Basic stages at Hair transplantation mainly consists 

  1. Preparation for Hair Transplantation
  2. Graft Harvesting
  3. Recipient Site Creation
  4. Transplantation of Hair Follicles

Types of Hair Transplants

  1. Head Hair Transplant

Head hair transplant is the procedure of plucking one’s hair from the donor area and transplanting the hair in the bald area of the scalp

  1. Beard Hair Transplant

Another type of hair transplant is Beard hair transplant wherein the hair from other parts of the body is being harvested and it is then implanted to the patchy areas of the beard to give the beard a thicker look.

  1. Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Likewise, another hair transplant is done on the eyebrows. This type of hair transplant gives a modified and enhanced look to the eyebrows making them thicker and in properly defined shape. 

  1. Body Hair Transplant

This hair transplant is performed for the chest or even for pubic hair


FAQ’s On hair transplant


  1. Why does hair turn grey?

The colour of the hair is because of the pigment produced in the bulb of the hair. The bulb is coloured, it may be black, brown, or even blonde. The hair that grows will be of that colour. Suppose, if the pigment production is stopped then the colour of the hair turns grey.

  1. Why do melanocytes stop producing melanin in hair?

The melanocytes of the cells may stop producing melanin. It could be either temporary or permanent. Many times, it may happen due to deficiency nutrients or improper nutrition or it may even cause due to stress or other auto-immune diseases. Some hair may have too many melanocytes in their roots which can also cause grey hair.

  1. Can grey hair be transplanted?

Yes, definitely. When the grey hair is transplanted to the area wherever hair transplant is required then the new hair growth will be grey coloured.

  1. Is hair transplant safe for older patients with grey hair?

Yes, definitely. We have successfully done hair transplant procedures for older patients. We performed it under the necessary precautionary and safety measures. However, most of the hair that was transplanted was grey coloured. Approximately, 95% of the roots that were transplanted started growing. 

  1. Can I get all my hair converted to all black hair with hair transplantation?

No, when the hair transplant is done grey coloured hair then, the newly grown hair will be grey. Sometimes, when there is temporary grey hair then the reversal of hair colour can be seen post hair transplantation and the newly grown hair can be black coloured.

  1. What is hair transplant surgery?

It is a procedure where hair roots are removed from the back of the scalp and are replanted to the front where the scalp is bald. It is done in two ways. Previously the hair transplantation procedure was done by stripping during which the skin used to get removed and then later it was stitched back. However, for the past 8 years, we are using the FUE technique where we remove only the roots by using the microscope and advanced machinery and then it is replanted to the front area where it is bald. 

  1. Can both men and women get hair transplant surgery?

Yes, both men and women can. However, the indication for performing hair transplant in women is very less. 80% of the hair transplant done at our clinic is for men for male baldness where the front region of the scalp is bald or the back region of the scalp goes bald. 

  1. What is the success rate of hair transplants?

The success rate of hair transplants at a specialized centre with advanced technology and trained doctors and professionals is 97%. 

  1. Will hair transplant really work?

Yes, like said earlier, it is a very successful procedure with an approximately 97% success rate.

  1. Is hair transplant worthy?

Yes, a hair transplant is definitely worthy, while there are other treatments and medications and platelet plasma does not ensure that much higher success rate. Hair transplant turns out to be successful when done with the right indications, right place with the right team of professionals and doctor.

  1. After how many days can I notice hair growth?

After we do the hair transplantation procedure, some may even notice the hair growth as early as two weeks. Most of the hair strands may start to fall off and you may notice the hair growth only at the end of the second month and third month. It keeps on growing for almost six to seven months. Sometimes, the hair may keep growing for a year post hair transplantation procedure. 

  1. What is the cost of a hair transplantation procedure?

The cost may vary. Hair transplantation is charged as per the number of hair follicles that are transferred. Normally, in a scientific operation theatre and the doctors really understand the method of hair transplantation charges based on the number of hair follicles transferred anywhere between 2500 to 3000 units which may amount to approximately 4000-5000 strands. Performing more strands than this may not be optimal as the dose of local anaesthesia may increase. For the optimal results, it is advised between 2500 to 3000 units. It is advised to go for a hair transplant by a qualified surgeon who specializes in microsurgery and hair transplant surgery, especially plastic surgeons. 

  1. How long is the hair transplant procedure?

Normally, it takes around 4-6 hours for performing the hair transplant procedure along with tea breaks in between so the procedure is not strenuous. 

  1. How many sittings required in a hair transplant procedure?

In each session, we can do a 2500-3000 grafts transplant. Depending upon the requirement of 50sq cm. of the baldness area we need 2500 units. Suppose if the bald section is more than that then the second session may require to perform the hair transplant procedure.

Symptoms Of Decline In Hairline

  1. A usual receding hairline is possibly noticed in men any time after reaching puberty. Mostly, it is seen post 30 years of age. There could be variations in the hairline receding symptoms.
  2. Some men could face a gradual hairline receding which is the most common hair loss pattern noticed while others may face hair loss in a circular pattern. Full-body hair loss is a very rare condition that can cause only due heavy medications and treatments like cancer treatments.
  3. If one gets, a sudden shock may be a physical or an emotional one; there might be hair loss due to hypertension as well.

Lifestyle can be another reason or factor to consider which can cause hair loss and baldness. A lifestyle that involved excessive smoking and drinking or drug addiction may lead to baldness as well. Infinite factors are likely to consider because of which a person may come across hair loss. When, actors/actresses have to undergo several hair transformations to look their amusing best. Hair transformations could be like bleaching, usage of chemicals, dryers, straighteners, rollers, hair colouring, etc. Even if dietary habits are improper then it may result in baldness. Deficiency of essential minerals and nutrients can result in hair damage leading to hair loss