The Gynecomastia or most commonly known as enlarged male breasts is a common condition in males which is nothing but swollen breast tissue. Enlarged breasts in men can also happen because of fat deposits.This can be an embarrassing situation for a boy or a man. In men, the most prominent hormone is testosterone however males also produce estrogen hormone which is high in girls for their sexual growth. The hormonal imbalance in men may also cause enlargement of the breasts. When the estrogen hormone is increased, a male experiences their breasts swelling and may look embarrassing and one may wish to get rid of the male boobs.

Causes Of Gynecomastia

This is a common condition in men and boys. Apart from hormonal imbalance, obesity is also another factor causing enhancement of the breast region in males. When breast growth is caused by obesity, it is called Pseudogynecomastia. By exercising and working out men can reduce the abnormal growth of the breasts.

Apart from these two causes, there can be numerous other underlying reasons that can cause abnormal growth of the breasts. Enlarged breasts are just the lumps of fatty tissues within the chest/breast region in the body.

From body changes during puberty to aging, there are various reasons why one can suffer from enlarged breasts.

  1. Diseases that may have affected the testicles or even an injury may also cause an imbalance in testosterone hormone.
  2. Thyroid disease is largely associated with hormonal imbalance and sexual development.
  3. Another factor that may be a cause of suddenly enlarging the breasts can be cancers and tumours in either the lung area or pituitary glands.
  4. Drug addiction can also cause enlargement of the breast region in men.
  5. Liver disease or kidney failure.

Symptoms In Gynecomastia

A symptom to identify the problem of Gynecomastia is an increased tender lump secretion made up of fatty tissues. If men come across a sudden enlargement of the breast region should get the necessary check-up done to analyse the sudden enhancement as it may be caused due to cancer as well.

Men may come across the breast enlargement unevenly like one breast looks unevenly larger than that of the other.

If a person feels pain in the region then we must visit a doctor.

Treatment for GynecomastiaLiposuction Method

To get rid of the male breasts and look their best, men can opt for Liposuction treatment. This treatment can help remove the excess fatty tissue that has got saturated within the breast region. This treatment is performed by an expert cosmetic plastic surgeon. The surgeon cuts the enlarged region. Post-surgery the patient is advised to wear an elastic pressure garment for a few weeks to reduce the swelling.

Once the liposuction surgery is performed, the patient can go back to his routine for approximately 5 weeks. This procedure is a minimally invasive process and surprisingly it is a one-day procedure and you are rid of the enlarged area around the chest area.

During this type of surgery, smaller incisions are made and further, the excessively enlarged gland is extracted. In this surgery cosmetically the nipple area is sculpted such a way to make the chest region look more natural.

If the Gynecomastia is a slight increase of the breast then the doctors may even advise oral medications and the patient may not require to undergo liposuction surgery. However, if the condition persists in the patient then the doctor may advise opting for liposuction to get rid of the male breasts.

Once the men with enlarged breasts opt for the liposuction treatment, the patient can gain back his confidence along with utmost safety. Gynecomastia treatment gives 100% effective results with no adverse side effects.


Gynecomastia surgery can help the patient get rid of the enlarged breasts permanently. Surgery removes the excess fat tissue that has been secreted in the breast region. Post-surgery it is advised to intake a proper healthy diet and exercise and work out habits to maintain the surgery results last for a longer period.

Myths Associated With Gynecomastia

There have been a lot of myths that are believed to be true for the enlargement of male breasts. A few of them are listed below.

  1. Gynecomastia causes only due to overweight

However, this is not the case. The overweight can be one of the reasons amongst other factors causing Gynecomastia. Being overweight causes enlargement in breasts among men is the most common myth.

  1. Exercising is the only remedy to get rid of the increased breast size in males.

A big no! However, one must exercise and work out to stay it and keep the body in shape but exercising the do away with the Gynecomastia is not the only solution. The enlarged breast region is indeed a secretion of fatty tissues but getting rid of this increased breast region can be done only with cosmetic surgery treatment.

  1. Surgery is the only solution for the Gynecomastia problem.

Surgery is the most reliable resolution for the Gynecomastia issue. Whereas it depends from one person to another whether he requires to undergo the surgery or his condition can be treated with oral medications alone.

The surgery is advised by the doctor only when he sees a severe underlying health issue. Severe to most severe cases may require the patient to opt for the surgical removal of the enlargement breast region removal while in some cases the doctor may advise a liposuction treatment as well.

We understand how embarrassing Gynecomastia conditions can be with unusual conditions of increased and highly enhanced breast region in men. It is difficult to live with it and it is advised to visit the cosmetologist to get the right advice for Gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia Explanation in Kannada