1. What is Botulinum toxin ( BOTOX) injections? 

● Botulinum toxin is a polypeptide derived from the bacterium clostridium botulinum

● The Botox molecule goes and sits on the receptor present in the nerve muscle junction and prevents the relay of signals from the nerve to the muscle which actually makes the muscle move . 

● This makes the muscle relax to varying degrees . 

2. How do botulinum toxin (BOTOX) injections act? 

● The muscles of the face are intimately associated with the overlying skin. ● As our facial muscles move whenever we animate that is frown or smile or even talk the overlying skin is also also stretching and contracting 

● This is an absolutely normal phenomenon but as one grows older there is a steady decline in the elasticity of the skin. So the constant movement of the underlying muscles can result in lines and wrinkles in the overlying skin . 

● These lines and wrinkles are seen initially only on movement and with time they become static and a permanent feature on our face even when we are at rest and not making any expressions 

● These lines and folds can give us expressions which are not a mirror of our personality . A hearty jovial person can look permanently angry due to their frown lines . ● Botox is an answer for this problem . By relaxing the muscles the excessive movement stretching and contracting of overlying skin is restricted preventing the formation of line and wrinkles. 

3. BOTOX for lines and wrinkles 

● There are 22 groups of muscles in our face each with a distinct function .The action of certain groups of muscles causes the overlying skin to wrinkle up . 

● For example the forehead muscle raises our eyebrows and also causes frown lines . Relaxing them with Botox will soften them . 

● The muscles in between our eyebrows pulls our eyebrows inward and causes frown lines too . 

● One could be pulling their eyebrows medially to have a better look at something , or to shield their eyes from the glaring sun . But this will land them over a period of time with frown lines and an angry look . Relaxing these muscles with Botox will impart a happier look. 

● Treatment of the muscles around the eyes with Botox will not only soften the crows feet but also make the eyes look a little bigger . 

● When Botox injections are given to all three muscle groups then the eyebrows shaping to have a beautiful arch can be done. Eyebrow lifting can also be done . 

● Botox is injected judiciously into the muscle group of muscles below the angle of the mouth. This will elevate the corners of the mouth and reduce the marionette s lines nicely thus converting a sad look to a happy look!

● Smokers lines also called as accordion lines, around the mouth can also be addressed with Botox .This current trend of selfie culture and constant pouting of the lips while photographing oneself there is an increased incidence of early onset of theses vertical lines around the mouth in nonsmokers too. 

● Bunny lines on the root of the nose can also be relaxed. If one does not like their nose wrinkling up everytime they smile then botox will definitely help them. 

4. BOTOX for facial contouring and face slimming ? 

● Botox injections not only help in relaxing lines and wrinkles but also help in contouring and balancing facial features 

● Many people have a squarish loweface. This is not aesthetically acceptable to many people especially women as in women an oval or round face is a more accepted standard of beauty. 

● The squarish lower face is often due to the overacting of the muscles called masseters which are the predominant muscles of mastication.they jut out near the angles of the jaw and make the lower face appear bulky. 

● The hyperactive masseters can be because of the habit of teeth grinding ,bruxism . 

● Botox injected into the masseters relax these muscles which causes them to be drawn a little inward .This will make the lower face appear more oval instead of squarish . 

● This is one of the important means adopted for face slimming and helps to get a sharp jawline. 

● Asymmetry is generally the rule of nature. However in some individuals the asymmetry maynot be subtle enough to ignore and will require correction . ● Deviations in angle of the mouth , variation in the shape of the right and left eyebrows can be nicely corrected to a great extent by relaxing the hyperactive muscles of one side of the face . This requires a keen examination and a thorough understanding of facial muscle anatomy to decide how much of botox and where all to inject. 

● Thus facial balancing can be done using botox injections. 

5. Botox for nose tip 

● A surgical rhinoplasty is the best way to address one concerns about the shape of their nose 

● However if one wants a very subtle elevation of the tip of the nose then botox injections can be given into the base of the nasal columella. This relaxes the depressor septii muscle and elevates the tip of the nose. 

● This procedure is a mild finesse technique and will not improve sevely ptotic noses .That will need a rhinoplasty surgery 

6. Botox for nasal flare 

● Some people inadvertently keep flaring up the noses even while they are normally speaking 

● This often gives them a hurried and tempered appearance

● Injecting botox into the dilator nasalis in the lower portion of the nose relaxes it reduces nasal flaring 

7. BOTOX lip flip 

● This is again a very fine procedure producing subtle results 

● Small amounts of Botox injected into the orbicularis oris muscle around the mouth which will may the upper lip evert and make the pink roll of the lip look more prominent. 

● The botox liplift may not consistently evert the lips in all patients and give them a better pout 

● It is best combined with lip fillers which will not only lift and evert the lips but also volumize them. 

8. BOTOX eye lift and eyebrow shaping 

● The eyebrows are a defining feature of the face and outlines our eyes beautifully. ● As one ages the eyebrows begin to droop and hood our eyes 

● The corrugators and the lateral orbicularis oculi muscle predominantly pull the eyebrows down 

● By relaxing these muscles a nice arched eyebrow can be achieved ● This is also called a chemical brow lift . The other methods of eyebrow lift are by using threads and by surgery . 

9. Botox neck lift. 

● All of us are very concerned about our face and do a lot to preserve its appearance . ● So face Botox injections are very common 

● The same aging changes that affect the face affect the neck too 

● If we do a lot for the face but ignore the neck it is a big give away to our age ● Botox injections to the platysmal bands smoothen the neck lines and also reduce lower face jowls . 

● Botox injections in higher dilutions into the neck help to smoothen the neck skin and reduce the chicken neck appearance and smooth the neck lines 

● Other ways of neck rejuvenation and neck skin tightening is by giving soft filler injections into the necklines and also by using mono threads and cog threads 

● These are the various methods for minimally invasive neck lift 

10. Botox for sharp jawline ,Nefertitti lift 

● Women desire a sharply defined jawline giving a clear demarcation between face and neck . 

● This is a sign of youth and beauty which was a characteristic feature of the Egytian queen Nefertitti 

● A few shots of botox to the platysma muscle just below the jawline relaxes it ● This prevents the platysma from pulling down the skin of the jawline and making it a sharp jawline 

● This nefertitti lift is especially helpful in younger individuals 

● Botox injections into the platysmal bands , a nefertitti lift , hyal uronic acid filler injectios into the chin and jawline help to correct jowls and give a sharp jawline 11. Micro BOTOX for open pores

● Botox injections in higher dilutions injected into the dermis is also called as mesobotox 

● They relax the tiny smooth muscles around the oil gland and hair follicles and hence help in open pores treatment 

● This also gives shine and lustre to the face 

11. BOTOX for hyperhidrosis 

● Excessive sweating of underarms palms and soles reduces by giving botox injections 

● After ruling out organic causes of this excessive sweating botox injections are given 

● Botox injections relax the nerves supplying the sweat glands and reduce weat secretions 

● Results last for upto six months 

12. How are botox injections done. 

● Numbing cream ram is applied for about half an hour prior to make it as comfortable 

● Face assessment is made in rest and in animation . 

● injection points are marked 

● Area to be injected is cleaned with betadine 

● Using insulin syringes with fine 31 G needles Botox is injected 

● Ice pack application is give 

● Sunscreen or moisturiser is gently applied without massage 

● The entire Botox injections process is over within 30 to 30 minutes ● Quick comfortable lunch timeprocedure with minimal to none downtime

13. How long does it take to show effect 

● It usually takes at least a week to start seeing the results when injected into the face ● It takes a month to see results after masseter botox 

● It takes one to two weeks to see results after Botox injections for underarms sweating and excessive palm sweating 

14. How long does it last 

● Normally the results last for six months 

● Best results are maintained for four months after which effects start waning and are completely lost after six months 

● Masseter Botox results are evident after a month and can last up to an year

15. Aftercare to be followed after botox injections 

● To avoid heavy activities and exercise for the next 6 hours 

● Avoid scrubbing rubbing massaging face 

● Sleep in only reclined position for the next six hours 

● These are to be followed to prevent the dispersion of the Botox into groups of muscles other than the ones intended to be relaxed. 

● Ice pack application can be done to reduce the swelling 

16. BOTOX side effects 

● There can be mild pain or soreness at injection sites 

● There can be mild bruising

● Mild headache after forehead and frown lines Botox injections 

● Mild and temporary completely reversible weakness of muscles of the hand after BOTOX injections for excessive sweating 

● Over correction is avoided and hence any top up Botox injections may be needed a week later to get optimal results. 

● With our signature techniques at Nypunya we make sure to give a natural relaxed and rested appearance and never the artificial frozen look 

17. BOTOX cost 

● Cost varies depending on the brand of Botulinum toxin used – Botox , Dysport or Xemoin ● BOTOX charges are charged as per the number of units ofBOTOX used or the area that is treated 

18. Botox versus fillers 

● Botox relaxes the superficial muscles reduces movement of the overlying skin and relaxes lines and wrinkles,smoothens overlying skin imparting a more youthful appearance . 

● Fillers are gels injected at deeper level in the face .They fill in and replace the lost volume and sometimes also help to lift the sagging skin.Thus they help in ging a more youthful appearance.