Hair loss is caused by many factors like hereditary, stress, hypertension, etc. While skin problems can be caused due to several aspects such as repeated use of cosmetics, exposing your skin to too much artificial light or even sunlight, aging, hereditary, etc. When searching for a definite solution for hair loss and skin woes, a lot of you’ll turn up to varied beauty solutions. However, covering the hair issues and skin problems with cosmetics may be temporary. To help your skin rejuvenate naturally and increase excellent hair growth, and regrowth of hair, improves hair density and covering bald patches can be done permanently with a scientifically proven method.

Skin experts i.e. Dermatologists can assure you of the best medical resolutions for all your skin issues like acne scars and hair loss problems such as thinning the hairline.

The doctors have come up with the most reliable medically profound solution, Platelet Rich Plasma which is most commonly known as PRP.

PRP treatment has been proved to be the most effective solution for skin rejuvenation and hair problems. This therapy is medically acclaimed with precise and accurate research. This is a technique performed by extracting the patient’s blood. People having concerns like hair loss can adopt this treatment and get the best results out of it such as improving hair density, covering bald patches, getting excellent hair growth and regrowth of hair.

The procedure of the PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment is not known to all. PRP treatment is not done in a single session but requires multiple sessions and maintenance sessions as well as advised by the dermatologist which depends from one patient to another.

Firstly, the treatment is initiated by extracting the patient’s blood from his/her arm.

Next, the blood is kept in the centrifuge for a process of grouping the blood into 3 different categories like platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and red platelets.

The blood with platelet-rich plasma is then collected by the doctor and is injected in an affected area like the particular section where the hair thinning or hair loss.

  1. What you should do before heading towards the PRP treatment session
  2. Do not consume or use any blood-thinning medicine or method before the PRP session.
  3. Avoid drinking and smoking before the session.
  4. It is advised not to colour your hair.
  5. Also, your hair should not be exposed to too much sunlight or heat before the session.

Look For These Factors For Your PRP Sessions

  1. Always look for the risk factors involved as per your health issues, hair problems, or skin problems.
  2. If you are on any heavy medication, it is recommended to inform the dermatologist before the PRP session.
  3. You should be aware of how many sessions are required as per your hair problem.
  4. It is important to get a blood test done, however, the dermatologist will advise before starting your PRP sessions.
  5. Do not be in a hurry to get the desired results, as it may depend on person to person and it requires a minimum of 3 months to get the desired results.

Benefits Of PRP Hair Treatment

PRP Treatment is nothing but your good blood is extracted and injected back to the infected area to get the best results and enhance your look. No foreign substance or medications are injected to cause any adverse effects out of the treatment.

The micro-needling procedure is worked in such a way that it helps to brighten your skin and stimulate hair re-growth in the areas that produce lesser hair.

  1. The most common advantages of the PRP treatment are.
  2. It is non-invasive.
  3. No surgical procedures are carried out.
  4. It helps in controlling the hair growth cycle
  5. It has no adverse effects on your hair and skin.
  6. It is not too expensive. It is an affordable treatment.
  7. By injecting your blood, the hair regrowth is stimulated causing natural hair growth.
  8. PRP Treatment is the most painless treatment to enhance regrowth of hair and cover bald patches too.
  9. PRP procedures are the safest and medically proven treatment.
  10. This therapy is best suitable for excellent hair growth and improves hair density.

Look at the  amazing Results 

PRP Treatment For Skin

While PRP treatments are carried out for hair, platelet-rich plasma treatment is also advised for skin rejuvenation. PRP treatment is carried out to enhance your skin texture by stimulating the production of collagen present in your skin. This collagen, that is stimulated, is a natural protein present inside the skin.

With aging, there can be a decrease in the level of collagen production. Along with aging, there are few other factors like smoking, getting your skin exposed to the sun often.

PRP treatment for skin rejuvenation is opted to pump up for skin and get rid of the sagging skin and wrinkles around the eyes or lips.

PRP sessions can help you look younger and give your skin a youthful touch by pumping collagen production. Get the acne scars reduced unbelievably and help your skin elevate and tighten with reduced wrinkles.

This skin rejuvenation treatment has been claimed to be the safest treatment which helps you look younger. To get your entire skin appearance changed, PRP Treatment is the most reliable and medically proven treatment to look your best and rejuvenate your skin health naturally.

Affordable or Expensive?

PRP Treatment sessions are advised by the dermatologist by analyzing the skin and hair type and the underlying problem. The cost of the platelet rich plasma PRP sessions depends on one patient to another. Also, it depends upon the requirements and the affected area that needs to be treated.

Along with all these factors, the charges for PRP Treatment also depend upon the number of sessions advised by the dermatologist.

Numerous factors vary the treatment cost. Having said that, PRP Treatment sessions are affordable and can be easily done. These sessions are not so expensive.

PRP Treatments are proved to be exceptionally promising to enhance the glow of your skin. Transform your skin and hair to that of radiating skin and hair re-growth. Opt for an effective treatment that boosts your cells and helps in restoring your skin and transforming yourself into a new you. If you go through the advised sessions as per the dermatologist’s recommendation, you are sure to see the desired results.