In today’s world swamped with social media, almost all desire to showcase their best appearance .Everyone wants to look younger and well preserved. With advances in technology ,there are a wide variety of minimally invasive injectable treatments available that are not only very effective but also very safe -and makes one look a lot younger without having to resort to surgery We all have heard or come across the term ‘Botox‘ and ‘fillers’ but we barely have deep insights into it.

With the growing age, skin becomes sagging and reduces its charm. Here’s when dermal fillers come to your rescue to make you look younger again. The process of fillers gives excellent results, and this procedure is performed by expert cosmetic dermatologists only.

When the skin becomes sagging and full of wrinkles, usually we tend to lose self-confidence. The filler injections can make your skin get back its radiance and charm.

Dermal fillers are said to be a fine option to choose if you want to get a natural younger-looking glow back to your skin. Most of the actors, actresses and models opt for Botox and Dermal fillers to look their best on-screen and feel confident from within.Dermal Fillers are opted by people when one wants to add fullness to the areas of their skin that might have thinned over the years. On the other hand, Botox Fillers are chosen when one wants to lessen the fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles on their skin.

1.What are dermal fillers

● Dermal fillers are gel like substances which come in pre-loaded syringes

● These substances are injected into the various layers below to facial skin and give multiple anti ageing benefits

Types Of Beauty Enhancement Are Done Through Dermal fillers.

  1. Brow Lifting
  2. Smooth out the wrinkles and fine lines
  3. Get rid of crow’s feet
  4. Jawline and cheekbones plumping
  5. Great for skin contouring
  6. Re-shape your facial features
  7. Plump your lips
  8. Stay away from scars and dark spots and even under-eye dark circles

Benefits OF Fillers

  1. Injecting fillers is a non-surgical process. It doesn’t involve any surgeries.
  2. Per session of fillers barely takes 30 minutes to inject the fillers into the skin.
  3. There are no adverse side effects apart from a slight redness on the skin area that is injected with the filler.
  4. Filler results can last anywhere between 7 months and 2 years.
  5. It is a painless treatment to opt for to beautify your look.

Facial Areas That Are Usually Injected With Dermal fillers

Fillers are the best solution to opt for to get rid of aging signs like wrinkles, sagging, fine lines, and restoring the plumpness of the skin.

Under Eye
Fillers are injected under the eyes to do away with the dark circles and aging signs around the eyes.

Fillers can be done on the nose to get the bumps filled and make your nose look prominent.

The forehead area is where most of the wrinkles and frown lines are seen which hampers the look of our face with aging.


The skin area that is mostly opted for to get the facial fillers done is the cheek area. Got sunken cheeks then fillers are the best solution for it.


Fillers are most commonly opted to make the lips look plumped up along with adding a shade of a tint that gives the lips a natural and attractive look.


The area of the chin has experienced the finest lines and fats around near the chin and jawline area.

2.what are the different types of dermal fillers

● The most commonly used dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid gel fillers

● These are polysaccharides or sugar molecules which are also naturally 

present inside the skin

● When injected the fillers will integrate with the naturally present hyaluronic acid in the skin and give their clinically perceived benefits.

● The other type of fillers that are available are calcium hydroxyapatite polylactic acid polymethyl with acrylic fillers they are not as commonly used in our country they also help in stimulation of collagen and give multiple anti-ageing benefits.

3. What are the different types of hyaluronic acid fillers

● Depending upon the concentration of the hyaluronic acid present and the degree of cross-linking between the hyaluronic acid particles there are either firm soft or very soft filler substances which give different types of results

4.How does our face age?

● During the process of ageing there are changes that occur in all layers of the facial skin

● There is thinning down of the skin

● Development of fine lines and wrinkles

● There will be loss of volume due to the loss of fat pads below the skin

● There is also resorption of the bones as we grow older

● This further contributes to the volume loss ultimately resulting in the appearances of ageing

5. How do fillers act ?

● Fillers helps to mitigate the signs of ageing in each and every one of these levels

● They help in hydrating and improving the quality of the skin

● Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

● They add to the volume in the face helps in lifting up the skin to a certain extent reducing the appearance of folds and Jowls

● It helps in improving the facial contours improving facial symmetry facial proportions and ultimately harmonising all the facial features

6. What areas of the face can be treated with dermal fillers

● Fillers can be used to give a better contour to the forehead a more rounded contour it can be used to fill the temple hollows

● Fillers are injected to improve cheek contour and projection

● It can fill up and lift the midface and reduce the appearance of the nasolabial folds or smile lines

● Fillers can be injected to contour the cheeks to give the the top model look and Apple cheek appearance which are very much in trend now

● Fillers can also be used to plump up the lips to increase the length of the chin its breadth and projection to fill up the under eye hollows

● Give a sharp well chiselled jawline

● Toreduce my lines and smokers lines and marionette lines

It’s not just the face that fillers can rejuvenate fillers can be used to plump up and smoothen the skin of the hands and neck as well

● fillers can significantly reduce necklines and can be used in hand rejuvenation also

7.What is nonsurgical rhinoplasty

Precise and skillful placement of fillers

● can make the nose look straighter

● look narrower

● look longer

● can reduce the appearance of humps

● can reduce the nasal flare

● the nose can be made to appear less crooked

● If the deformities are minor then correction can be done with injecting the filler alone without having to resort to a surgical procedure

8.What is profiloplasty ?

● A persons face profile can be balanced and improved by injecting fillers into the various components of the facial profile like the forehead the nose the cheekbones the lips the chin and the jawline .

● This helps to harmonise person’s profile and make it more proportionate if one wishes to.

8.What are lip fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers can be injected into the lip

● To make it look fuller● to define the vermilion borders of the lift

● To improve eversion of the upper lip to give the perfect pout

● To make the cupids bow look more prominent and well-defined

● Only Soft hyaluronic acid fillers can be injected into the lip

● It is a pretty unforgiving area hence high degree of skill and expertise is necessary to make it look beautiful natural and subtle as nobody likes to have duck shaped lips

● Many a times patience don’t want to increase the volume of the lip at all they want to lips to look softer well hydrated and more well-defined

● This appearance can also be easily achieved

9. What are your tear trough fillers or under eye fillers ?

● Often the region below the eye appears very sunken this is because of the loss of a small part of fat in that area

● So there is a distinct demarcation between the eyelid and the cheek

● This gives a very tired appearance of hollow sunken eyes and

● Also increases the appearance of dark circles because of the shadow effect

● Injecting the right kind of filler and in the appropriate plane into this area can help to fill up the hollows in the under eye area both medially and laterally And smoothen out the lid cheek Junction

● Often injecting into the mid-face its self helps to make the under eye hollows and the tear trough appear less prominent and it is often combined with injecting the under eye area directly

●The under eye area is a technically challenging area to treat as

● The right type of filler Something which does not absorb too much of water has to be used to prevent any kind of a bluish Tyndall appearance or swelling

● It also has to be placed in a deeper plane and

● Since it is a high-risk area Cannula technique is preferred

10. What is a liquid facelift

● Assessing the entire face for the various signs of ageing and using the appropriate filler in different areas of the face Will help to contour the face harmonise the facial features reduce folds and lines and make the face appear more youthful

● This full face rejuvenation approach using fillers is called as liquid facelift

● Depending upon the individual patient it can be done in a single sitting but multiple settings are often recommended as the hyaluronic acid filler tends to attract water and swell up and the ultimate results are seen at the end of one month post which the remaining deficiencies can be corrected during a second or subsequent sittings

11.What are hydrating skin booster injections

● Soft Hyaluronic acid fillers are injected deep into the dermis of the skin

● This will cause hydration of the skin improves texture and skin quality without actually volumizing or changing the shape of the face

12. How quickly will I see the results of the filler injections ?

● It gives instant results .Most of the result is seen immediately after the procedure

● The fillers suck in more water gradually swell up over a period of time get moulded and integrated into the the skin

● So the best results are seen after two to four weeks of the injections depending on the area injected

● So any touch up procedures are performed after one month

13.How long do fillers last

● Hyaluronic acid fillers last for about 1 to 2 years

● After injections , gradually over a period of time they get metabolised slowly and then completely dissolve

● The various factors which determine the duration for which the filler last

● The nature of the filler the area

● Where it is injected for example lip fillers tend to dissolve more quickly compare to fillers placed in the Mid cheek or chin area

● As soft fillers are preferred in the lips and this is an area where there is constant movement which enhances the rate at which the filler dissolves whereas firmer fillers are placed in the mid cheek and the chin area right over the none and hence not prone to so much of movement

● The rate at which an individual metabolise is the filler substance is also an important factor determining how long the filler lasts

14.Can dermal fillers be removed

● They’re in there is an enzyme called hyaluronidase which can break down and dissolve the Hyaluronic acid filler

● So if one does not like the effects of the filler or in the remote case of any kind of an untoward effect ,the filler can easily be dissolved within a short period of time restoring to the original appearance

15.Are dermal fillers painful

● Dermal filler injections do not cause much discomfort and are generally very well tolerated by the patient

● In order to make the common procedure as comfortable as possible a topical numbing cream is applied prior to the procedure itself

● Most areas can be safely injected using an instrument called as the cannula which is a long blunt tipped needle

● Entry port is made with a sharp needle and then the Cannula is introduced into the level into which the filler has to be injected with a gentle continuous movement the filler is placed in the various areas

● With a single entry point multiple areas of the face can be injected thus reducing the chances of bruising as well as Pain

16. Are dermal fillers safe ?

● Filler injections look very simple but a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, filler characteristics and the right techniques is absolutely necessary for making the procedure effective and safe.

● In the hands of the right injector it is a safe process.

● There can be mild bruising and swelling after filler injections

● There can be mild pain and discomfort which generally tend to subside over a period of few days

● Immediately after the filler injections there can be a little lumpiness feeling which tend to even out

● Using strict aseptic precautions during the procedure itself avoids or reduces the chances of secondary infections

● A thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and using safe practises like aspiration and use of cannulas greatly reduce the chances of inadvertent filler injections into the blood vessels

● The onus is also on the patient to strictly abide by the instructions that are provided after filler injections

17.Who is a good candidate for Filler injections

● Filler injections effectively reduce certain signs of ageing

● It is also an effective tool to delay the onset of signs of ageing as it keeps the skin fresh and hydrated

● Young People who want to enhance their facial features achieve more symmetry and proportion in their face can also undergo filler injections

18. How is the procedure of fillers done

● The patient’s concerns are taken into consideration

● Thorough assessment of the face is done

● Then our doctor will discuss the key areas of concern with the patient and together they will arrive at an injection plan which would include the amount of filler that is to be injected in the different areas of the face to achieve the best possible results

● Numbing cream is applied for about half an hour

● After which the area is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant in order to reduce the chances of infection

● Then the appropriate filler is injected into the area or areas of concern using either a needle or a cannula

● Ice pack applications can be done to reduce the swelling and the chances of bruising

19 . What is the after care after filler treatments

● Patients are instructed to avoid scrubbing rubbing or massage in that area vigorously

● To avoid make-up and a heavy exercise any kind of strenuous activity for the next 3 to 4 days

● They are asked to avoid eating extremely spicy or hot food for the next 24 to 48 hours if they have undergone Lip fillers20.

Fillers cost ?

Depending on the filler used cost varies . At Nypunya only high quality Hyaluronic acid brands like Restylane Juvederm and Boletero are used

21. What are the advantages of dermal fillers

● Dermal filler injections are a quick in office procedure

● It requires only topical anaesthesia

● The entire procedure has minimal pain and discomfort

● Most of the results of filler injections Are evident instantaneously

● It is a safe procedure with minimal downtime unlike surgery

● It is a very versatile a procedure giving multiple benefit


Filler Treatment Procedure

  1. Dermal filler is a safe injectable procedure. It is the finest method to get rid of dull-looking aged skin. Get the best anti-aging procedure done by an expert cosmetic dermatologist.
  2. This procedure requires expert knowledge to perform. The filler procedure is that of a short and quick procedure.
  3. Once you visit the dermatologist, the doctor will analyse the skin and skin problems. Depending upon the skin issues, the dermatologist will suggest a suitable filler option.
  4. After the filler procedure is carried out, the patient can come back to their normal life and do the usual chores. There are no signs of discomfort post the dermal filler procedure.

Let your skin feel some pampering with this perfect medical procedure. You can go back to your younger-looking self with this amusing filler treatment and bid goodbye to the signs of aging with wrinkles and frown lines.